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Episode reviews for Episode 7.21 - The Three Faces Of Frasier

Avg. Viewer Review: 77.3%
Number of Reviews: 3

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I have problem follicles, May 18, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"The Three Faces of Frasier" is another over-stuffed season 7 episode, trying to factor in a stand-alone comedic plot with little sideplots for literally all of the main characters.

There's a gem of an idea here, with Frasier just unable to accept a caricature even though being ON the wall of caricatures is something he aspires to. His obsessive personality perfectly suits this silly episode, and his bickering with Niles after asking for some genuine criticisms is good fun. I also like the interplay between Niles and Stefano very much.

There's perhaps a little something missing here. Because the episode is also focusing on preparations for the season end, Frasier's obsession actually doesn't go as over-the-top as we'd expect. His trip to the children's sketch artist makes me giggle ("something manly, go easy on the forehead, and leave the kid out"), but then things just fall apart conveniently quickly. (And I'm not sure I believe Frasier had time to go to Roz's home and back like that.)

The last scene is a good one though, with Martin satisfied at figuring out Frasier's issue, and then overly concerned about his own figure ("the sands of time don't exactly flow up the hourglass!"). But really the structure of the episode - like last week's episode - is all wrong. At the end of the day, it feels as if the Stefano script has been tackled by the need for a story arc. Don't get me wrong, the last moments where the future Mrs. Donny Douglas returns from Portland with oatbran cereal and has a near meltdown... they're some strong foreboding of what is to come. But it does mean that the episode is serving two masters, which is perhaps why I wasn't overwhelmed by it

Rating: 70%


The Three Faces of Frasier, Sep 12, 2012

Reviewer: Lucy from London

A good episode, which sees Frasier obsessing over a caricature of himself drawn by a restaurant’s resident artist.

I liked it when Frasier thanked Stefano, the restaurant owner for arranging the picture for Stefano to reply ‘thank you for suggesting it!’

Frasier however is not happy with the drawing, which is unflattering and asks for another one to be done, which turns out to be just as bad. This leads him to shamelessly turn up at Roz’s daughter Alice’s birthday party and get a drawing of himself by the artist there. I liked the instructions he gave to the artist including ‘leave the kid out!’

Also, this episode dealt with Daphne’s growing feelings for Niles. I liked the tender moment between them both when they were criticising their own features and Daphne was saying how she doesn’t like her eyes to which Niles jumps in and compliments them leaving them in an awkward moment.

At the end Martin gave a good insight into why Frasier’s quest for perfection came about.

A nice consistent episode.

Rating: 80%


'The Three Faces Of Frasier' review, Aug 10, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Frasier's infuriating quest for perfection resurfaces here when, thanks to his own suggestion, he is honoured with the unveiling of his caricature at the Italian restaurant 'Stefano's', only to find that the artist (who turns out to be the owner Stefano's mother) has drawn him with an enormously oversized forehead. Frasier's various attempts to replace both the original picture (which he dubs 'Frasier Cranium'!) and a subsequent one which looks nothing like him are very funny, not least his shameless gatecrashing of Alice's birthday party just so he can get the childrens' cartoonist to draw him another portrait that's to his satisfaction. Niles' horror at returning to the restaurant from which he was ejected as a child after he vomited on Stefano's shoes also makes for some highly amusing scenes, especially when he finally feels brave enough to pay a return visit only to panic when Stefano tries to place where he's seen him before. A brief allusion to the season's major storyline comes in the closing scene where Daphne returns from an impulsive eight hour hunt across America for Frasier's oatbran cereal but otherwise this is a surprise diversion from the ongoing Niles/Mel/Daphne/Donny storyline and a highly enjoyable one too.

Rating: 82%