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Episode reviews for Episode 7.20 - To Thine Old Self Be True

Avg. Viewer Review: 88.5%
Number of Reviews: 4

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Nice meeting you, Officer Nasty, May 18, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"To Thine Old Self Be True" has a lot going on in its first half, perhaps too much, which I suppose reflects the unusually (uniquely?) plot-heavy state that the series was in at this point.

The episode catches us up with numerous plotlines: Frasier and Regan (last "seen" earlier this season when Frasier resolved to surprise her with an impromptu date), Niles and Mel, Daphne's growing confusion, the preparations for the wedding, and - more surprisingly - Maris!

The first half is quite scattered, to be honest. Niles' shock at seeing a weighty Maris is rather amusing, as is Frasier's attempt to be "one of the guys" (he starts out by calling strippers "red hot mamas". Ha!) In fact, things reach the point where I really wasn't sure what we were supposed to be focusing on. (The same dilemma hits the closing episodes of season 8, which almost want to become something more like a serialised story told through a bunch of unconnected gags.)

Thankfully, the second half pulls everything together into a fun - if unusually structured - little jokefest. By the end of things, we have oodles of characters - ranging from Mel and Maris to Regan and Daphne - rebounding on each other throughout the apartment. The decision to limit the second half of the episode to this one set really does wonders and allows the cast to have good fun. I particularly enjoy Daphne letting out her frustrations on Mel, Frasier not being able to pick up Regan's groceries, and of course Frasier giving Officer Nasty a lesson in stripping. Perhaps my favourite gag is that of Daphne being so easily hoodwinked into thinking the stripper is really a cop. Her "Officer Nasty!" is impeccable.

Overall, this is an enjoyable episode, but I feel as if it was ultimately too cluttered. The Maris story doesn't really reach a resolution, it's just... there. (In fact, is this the last we "see" of Maris until season 11?) My suspicion is that the writers needed to get the Daphne/Mel plot into the mix, so they contrived a way to make Mel part of the farce. It's completely unnecessary, but the actors play the hectic atmosphere of the room so well, I'm not going to stress my complaints. An odd little beast that sadly removes Gigi Rice's Regan from the mix but paves the way for the build-up of plot tensions for the rest of this season.

Rating: 75%


Excellent episode, Sep 10, 2012

Reviewer: Lucy from London

This I feel is quite an underrated episode.
I loved the idea of Frasier planning a stag night and trying to prove to everyone that he can be one of the guys!
It was amusing to watch him get into awkward situations, each witnessed by Regan, his romantic interest.
The scenes with 'Officer Nasty' were very funny. I thought the way Frasier (Lord of the Dance!) started teaching her was excellent and very Frasier!
It was great how Daphne believed Martin's story about Officer Nasty!
I loved it towards the end where Frasier with all these concerned females around him, just has enough of lying and comes clean!
A funny, well-grounded episode.

Rating: 95%


Hidden Gem, Nov 14, 2010

Reviewer: Matt from Haverhill, UK

This episode is a hidden gem - a great example of how funny and relevant the show can be. Frasier winds up organising Donny's stag night and when everybody laughs off the threat of Frasier plotting something risque, Frasier attempts to do just that.

I loved the scene where Regan drops her shopping and Frasier is standing at the door. The way he just stands there, and then finally assists by kicking an item back to her had me stitches for ages.

Probably in my top 10 all time episodes!

Rating: 100%


'To Thine Old Self Be True' review, Aug 09, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

An often splendidly funny farce-based episode which sees Donny reluctantly agreeing to let Frasier handle his stag party, resulting in the embarrassed doctor attempting to hire a stripper - a situation which doesn't much help his various attempts to reignite his relationship with Regan, especially as she always seems to show up at the worst possible moment - most notably when Frasier gets his blazer caught in the vending machine for a 'smut rag'. Martin's obvious enjoyment of the purchased magazine is the source for some enjoyably cheap laughs as he constantly drops sex references into every sentence. The eventual appearance of the stripper - who goes by the name of 'Officer Nasty' - is hilarious, not least the way she whips Frasier with her hair in time to the music while I also found the way Daphne was so easily fooled by her police uniform rather amusing. If all this wasn't enough, the episode even manages to bring back Maris - now suffering from an enormous weight gain. All of these plot strands culminate in a perilous situation at Frasier's apartment where Niles has to hide Maris away from Mel and Frasier has to keep the stripper out of sight from Regan, something that's made all the more difficult when he accidently handcuffs himself to her! I particularly like the scene where Regan drops her groceries all over the floor and Frasier, having to hide the stripper behind the door, helpfully kicks a cabbage in her direction while his eventual revealing of the stripper chained to his wrist is refreshingly upfront, leaving everyone staring at him in disbelief. Although Dan O'Shannon preferred to concentrate on writing the more serious drama-based episodes over the next three seasons, here he demonstrates that he was more than adept at writing a fast-paced and very funny farce which makes it's something of a shame he didn't attempt any more once he took over the reins of the show.

Rating: 84%