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Episode reviews for Episode 7.18 - Hot Pursuit

Avg. Viewer Review: 80.3%
Number of Reviews: 3

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This is clam chowder!, May 17, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Hot Pursuit" is a fascinating little episode that catches me up every time I watch it.

Niles tags along with Martin on a stakeout of sorts (taking a photo for Donny's current legal case), allowing one of the series' less often-used pairings to take centre stage. I like how they have a slightly gentler relationship than Martin and Frasier (Martin's classic line, "To you a sketchy neighbourhood is when the cheese shop doesn't have valet parking" comes off as far sweeter to his younger son) and the clam chowder gag is cute. The situation becomes quite emotional at points, with Niles getting a great monologue about how he's always been worried with having a father for a cop, and the debate over what exactly Martin is doing this for. The situation isn't particularly special, and comes about largely as a way for the characters to tread water this episode, but it gets to a nice core between these two characters, so I can't complain.

Daphne and Donny don't do much, but they're being written quite well together, particularly as a couple who are now past the courting stage. (Although after season 6, the series has completely forgotten about Donny and Roz's past, hasn't it? For a pair who once thought they could be something to each other, they don't even interact when in the same room!)

Meanwhile, Roz and Frasier get a most intriguing storyline when they attend a conference known for its after-hours licentiousness. This plot is bound to be controversial amongst a small base of fandom, deepening as it does into naturalism and suggesting (for the first time?) the real possibility of something between the two characters. While I think the Seattle-based plotline is quite disposable stuff, this story really caught my attention. There are neat little character touches (Roz's 'Transition year", like you're changing your summer wardrobe to winter) and the way they start out so casually, just two friends "hunting in packs".

The fact is, this is exactly what happens to us all times. A friend of the opposite (or same) sex whom you've known for so long that you never think about the possibility of attraction. Now, in this environment, with Roz a little desperate and Frasier questioning his romantic future, they spend some quality time together, engaging, jokingly flirting, and finally pondering the very real possibility. If Kenny didn't come along when he did (in a nicely written scene for that character), it seems 100% likely the pair would've slept together. At this point in their relationship, it might not change much, but at the same time it might change everything. Do I / they / the audience at the time think they would work out long term? Of course not. But in that vulnerable state, you start pondering. After all, Roz may not have sumptuous taste, but she's beautiful, witty, and ambitious. Frasier may not be the stuff of every woman's dreams, but he's intelligent, charismatic, and would make a great father. And beyond that, they're alone and a little horny, and completely trust one another... yes, that can be the reason too.

Overall, then, a wonderful outing for Grammer and Gilpin. It's an odd decision at this juncture, given we won't hear about this moment again for more than a season, but to be honest I don't mind that. I admire the fact that the writers planted this seed here and then left it to grow until next they wanted to use it. An intriguing departure from the norm.

Rating: 81%


Out of ideas or great friction?, Mar 24, 2011

Reviewer: Teemu Eramaa from Finland

I don't know if it's just the mood I watched this episode in or my
lack of deep knowledge of scriptwriting and/or gimmicks of this
show (my favourite of all, hands down) but I actually liked this
episode very much.

Although the most brilliant episodes have been the ones that
really sprung you into uncontrollable laughter, this one though
lacking that big bang in the end had something else to praise the
writers for - at least for me.

The episode starts slow but you get soon the idea of the up-
coming situations. You might expect something big from either of
the 2 plots - the stag in the car and Roz's and Frasier's adventure
in the conference which both might feel cheap since we only get
to see some chitchat in a car and one hotel room.

The comedy is dealt with Niles and Martin in a car with the usual
shifts of desires but also that touch with Niles' worry of his father
brings in something new to the series.
David Price is showing how good actor he is. Few jokes are added
but nothing big.

But instead of laughter in this episode the viewer gets more
insight to the usual relationships of two adults. I myself found
Roz's and Frasier's situation very carefully played out and very
witty. The audience senses (and hopes?) quite early on where the
scene is playing itself into but the way the writers handle it,
letting you immerse into the scene and dialogue with your own
thoughts, is very much what "Frasier" is all about.

Where other shows might make the step and have them sleep
together right away after getting a little tipsy and drunk in a
conference, "Frasier" doesn't go that low, instead they give us

The excuse's are not just "getting drunk and stuck in the same
room with the mandatory champagne" but the play with Frasier's
new beard (which actually suits him, I think), and with Roz's wig
(bringing up the "blonde"-issue from before),
allow the writers to remind us delicately the very hidden desires
that lie deep within Frasier's and Roz's relationship. When Roz
says "It's Frasier, yet not Frasier", she implies not just that Frasier
could go from a stranger who she could spend her night with but
also, it's The Same Frasier she has known those 7 years.

Even though F & R never got married in the end of the show, they
at least slept together in another episode thus crossing the line of
a normal friendship. An event that proved the all-possible
possibility down the line of the show. I think this actual hidden
aspect of their relationship has always been a small, yet essential
part of the show (May I remind you of "The Gift Horse", season 5
episode 2? Didn't that kiss shift you?) which can give lot of
meaning to the whole series with small episodes like "Hot

I wouldn't say they just made this episode quickly and out of
better ideas - I dare to propose this was a carefully placed event
in the whole series.

Kenny's dialogue affecting R & F and balancing the series back to
it's normal stream is a great little trick yet again reminding how
good this show is.

Rating: 89%


'Hot Pursuit' review, Aug 08, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

The title of this episode could refer to either of it's two distinct plots, one of which consists of Frasier and Roz having to share a hotel room while attending a broadcasting conference, with the other seeing Niles accompanying Martin on a stakeout, which the ex-cop is doing as a favour to Donny. The latter plot is the slightly more successful of the two, with some all too rare bonding between Martin and Niles and some humourous moments such as Niles' bringing along a flask full of clam chowder, not realising that this was just a code word for Irish whisky from when Frasier and Niles were kids. The Frasier/Roz storyline isn't badly done but doesn't really get going until Kenny turns up at the end to break off any romantic temptation between the two. A subsequent episode would (unwisely) take their relationship much further than the tease of this rather underwhelming effort, which stands as a rare blip in an otherwise very solid second half of this season.

Rating: 71%