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Episode reviews for Episode 1.16 - The Show Where Lilith Comes Back

Avg. Viewer Review: 93.2%
Number of Reviews: 8

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nice to see Lilith, Nov 14, 2011

Reviewer: womack from Utica, NY, USA

what a pleasant surprise seeing Lilith. The more annoying she is, the funnier she is. real nice episode.

Rating: 95%


A great episode!, Jul 09, 2009

Reviewer: Sammy J from Canberra, Australia

Bebe Neuwirth's first appearance on "Frasier" sparkles. The
relationship between Lilith and Frasier must be one of primetime
television's longest, and this episode proves "Frasier" will keep the
magic going. Neuwirth is a standout actress and the episode slides
nicely from outright humour to the touching relationship the two
have, in the final scenes where Lilith shows her vulnerability when
she assumes Frasier wants to get back together.

The episode also establishes Niles and Lilith's adversarial
relationship - which will take some odd turns over the years. Lilith's
wit brings out the best in her ex-husband, and this episode is great.

Rating: 94%


The Show Where Lilith Comes Back, Apr 18, 2009

Reviewer: Warren Lancaster from Toronto Ontario Canada

I absolutely loved everything in this episode, especially Frasier and Lilith's scene in the hotel room at the end of the episode. This one is definately a favorite of mine. It is sweet and touching, as well as upsetting and sad, but also absolutely hilarious.

Rating: 95%


Favorite lines, May 23, 2006

Reviewer: Rand from Los Angeles, CA

Two favorite lines from this episode:

In the studio....

Frasier: Well Seattle, we have a Celebrity of sorts on the line.
Lilith: What do you mean a celebrity?
Frasier: Oh, they know you....

In the Hotel Room....

Frasier: Come to me, my white hot flame!

Rating: 93%


And then there was Lillith, May 05, 2006

Reviewer: David Sim from Skelmersdale, Lancashire

I always get a little wary whenever one of the castmembers from Cheers makes an appearance on Frasier. Consider the episodes when Sam or Woody show up, and they always look completely lost. But Lillith on the othe hand. She's a different story entirely. She fits in perfectly with Frasier's offbeat comedy style, she has tremendous chemistry with the regulars, and she dominates every scene she's in. Lillith mades her first appearance here, and what an entrance!

I love the way it introduces her with just her voice at the radio station, phoning in to disagree with Frasier's advice to a caller. The reaction from the audience was fantastic, showing how much of an impact she has on the fans. Lillith is in town, and wants to pay Frasier a visit.

Once we get to Frasier's apartment, the stage is set for some truly marvellous gags. Daphne's psychic headaches whenever Lillith's around. Niles' feud with Lillith when she sniggered at Maris' wedding vows, Eddie being scared away by Lillith, etc.

One thing that makes this episode rather different than Lillith's futute appearances is we get to see a more vulnerable side to her character. It turns out Lillith found a letter Frasier left at her apartment, thinking they should get back together. But it turns out he wrote the letter a year ago, before he moved to Seattle.

I love the sight gag at the end of the scene when Lillith walks out the door, her handbag stuck inside the door, moving up the doorjamb. Capped by her ringing the doorbell. Classic!

Frasier is now left with a bit of a dilemma. Maybe he was too hasty in divorcing Lillith, and considers a reconciliation. They get together at her apartment, and they make love. I love the scene directly after. The classic 'Morning After' scene. The look on Frasier's face is priceless. You can see exactly what's going through his mind:

Lillith: I could stay like this all morning.
Frasier: So could I (then checks his watch)

Once room-service has arrived, there is a very serious miscommunication between what's been ordered, and Frasier interprets this wrongly as Lillith thinking last night was a mistake. She is devastated, and in a very moving performance from Bebe Neuwirth, she confesses how lonely she's been over the past year, not to mention envious of Frasier's life in Seattle.

But deep down, she realizes that last night was wrong, and their divorce was the right thing to do. This is one of my favourite episodes with Lillith because it shows off a lot of dimensions to her character. From the bitchy, sarcastic side to the vulnerable and sensitive side at the end, I believe this is Lillith's finest hour.

Great gag on the end credits with Daphne's headache finally shifting once Lillith's plane has taken off.

I love Lillith, and this is the first in a series of memorable appearances from the criminally underrated Bebe Neuwirth.

Rating: 100%


Review for 'The Show Where Lilith Comes Back', Feb 08, 2006

Reviewer: Nick from North Wales, U.K.

One of the very finest episodes of the first season aided by the return of the excellent Bebe Neuwirth as Lilith. There are some terrific hate-filled lines from all of the characters and Niles' reaction to Lilith's apology is priceless. A running Captain and Tenille gag is also worth seeing.

Rating: 91%


Great Fun once agian, May 23, 2005

Reviewer: Amz from England

As I'd seen other episodes with Lilith in, I was shocked to see a different side of her! She looks quite pretty with her hair down and didn't seem as scary as she did in other episodes! Also, I liked the fact that Daphne's psychic headache was down to Lilith as we saw by the ending credits!

Rating: 95%


'The Show Where Lilith Comes Back', May 20, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

The first of many 'Cheers' reunion episodes and one featuring the character who will return more than any other. The first half is undoubtedly the best with Lilith's cold sarcasm towards Frasier on his radio show and then Niles at the apartment producing moments of truly great comedy. The second half in the hotel suite is more emotional but contains an amusing misunderstanding when Frasier thinks Lilith is admitting that their sleeping together was a mistake, only to find she was referring to the eggs on the breakfast trolley! Daphne's psychic headache is another nice touch to this episode which is blessed with an excellent script from former 'Cheers' writers Ken Levine and David Isaacs.

Rating: 83%