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Episode reviews for Episode 7.03 - Radio Wars

Avg. Viewer Review: 79.3%
Number of Reviews: 3

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Silly fun, May 14, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Radio Wars" is an episode of a sub-genre I particularly enjoy: Frasier Crane interacting with the real world. Carlos and the Chicken are such perfect imitations of all of those immature radio shock-jocks that populate the airwaves, in stark contrast to Frasier's public radio style musings. It makes sense that he would struggle to deal with them, and that his vanity would be an easy target for their jokes. And, as a big fan of the KACL environment, this episode was bound to work for me.

I'd hate for the show to be like this every week - Frasier and Roz "making out" in the booth is much more gross-out humour than we're used to, but it works in these small doses. I particularly enjoy the way that Roz, Martin and Daphne are all able to have a good laugh at Frasier's treatment and the jokes on Frasier - particularly his secret bath recipe - are delicious. Season 7 is an odd beast, but this is a nice example of the show stretching its wings... without stretching too far.

Rating: 83%


RADIO WARS, Aug 06, 2006

Reviewer: Cake for Brains from Manchester, UK

‘Frasier’ has a reputation for being a particularly sophisticated and classy sitcom, but in my opinion ‘Radio Wars’ is a departure from this; due to the fact that the plot and humour seem to venture into the realms of silliness and daftness, but amazingly the format still works incredibly well. In a way its nice to see the show aim for some much broader comedy, and although there are odd moments that come across as ridiculous and clearly don’t fit into the established ethos of the show, on the whole I enjoyed ‘Radio Wars’, although its not your typical episode of ‘Frasier’. However, it is also clear to see that ‘Radio Wars’ borrows heavily from the Season 3 episode ‘Leapin’ Lizards’, which also witnessed Frasier being ridiculed, harassed and completely embarrassed live on the airwaves, except instead of Bulldog, this time Frasier falls victim to Carlos and the Chicken (there’s still an animal connection). Anyway I’ve just re-watched this episode for the purpose of composing this review, and it’s a funny episode really, because it represents completely new territory for ‘Frasier’, but also recycled an old concept. Some fans have argued that ‘Radio Wars’ took the programme on a path that it should never have gone, and in some respects I’d agree. There are moments in this episode that simply don’t work and make me cringe, such as the ‘Frasier’s Gigantic Ass’ radio jingle and the (perhaps too over-the-top) sounds of Frasier and Roz ‘making out in the booth’. It could just be me but I feel that this sort of childish, immature and smutty humour doesn’t really fit in with the characters and the feel of the show, but having said that there are still plenty of moments that made me laugh throughout.

The plot is fairly simple, and the episode begins with a sleeping Frasier being roused by the Carlos and the Chicken who host KACL’s ‘The Morning Zoo’, who prank call Frasier and make him believe that he has won a special award and that a special sculpture has been commissioned, meaning Frasier must describe himself. I liked Frasier describing himself as ‘sublimely proportioned’. Frasier’s enthusiastic descriptions prompt the recurring joke regarding Frasier’s ‘enormous ass’, which does begin to grow tired pretty quickly, although I liked Roz’s ‘why don’t you pull up a couple of seats’ and all the residents at the Elliot Bay Towers attempting to photograph his behind, forcing Frasier to confiscate a woman’s medication; ‘If she wants to avoid those blood clots, she better cough up that film!’ The following scene, which sees Frasier yet again humiliated live on the radio made me feel really sorry for Frasier, and although he brings it upon himself, the bathroom antics always have me cringing with embarrassment for Frasier, who (unbeknown to him) informs the whole of Seattle that the contents of his bath are ‘Jasmin, lavender, rosehips and Tahitian vanilla’. He proceeds to embarrass himself yet further by stomping around the bathroom signing ‘I’m the mood for love’. Much as this sequence is funny, (although you do feel a bit guilty), it is a complete rehash of Frasier singing Gilbert and Sullivan (again in the bathroom) in ‘Leapin’ Lizards’. Aside from this ludicrous sight, we also get a nice scene in which the Crane boys are forced to relive their childhood, and learning about the behaviour of little Frasier and Niles is always a treat. The tale of Frasier and Niles playing ‘The Avengers’, which constituted of the pair running around the neighbourhood in bowler hats (with chin straps) is very funny, as is Martin’s embarrassment that Duke may overhear Niles intentions to re-season his crepe pans. He quickly lies and says that its ‘Daphne, watching PBS!’. My favourite quote also arises from this scene, in which Martin confesses to his sons that they sometimes give the impression to people that they’re above them, to which the siblings reply ‘Pish-tosh’ and ‘Poppycock!’. The ending to this episode is okay, and sees an enraged Frasier go down to KACL to give Carlos and the Chicken his ‘rebuttal’ after they manipulate audio images to give the impression that Frasier and Roz are ‘making out in the booth’. The episode concludes with a big row between the ‘Morning Zoo’ presenters, and Frasier having to fill in for them. In conclusion, ‘Radio Wars’ is a hugely silly episode of ‘Frasier’, and although I’d hate the show to be like this every week, it sees a welcome change in the show’s tone, and despite the script containing notable flaws and moments that just feel out-of-place, there is still plenty to enjoy.

Rating: 76%


'Radio Wars' review, Aug 01, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

The first fruits of the writing partnership of Sam Johnson and Chris Marcil draws heavily from Season 3's 'Leapin' Lizards' as Frasier constantly finds himself the victim of the pranks of KACL's new morning crew, Carlos and The Chicken, who seem to have developed an obsession with making jokes about the size of the good doctor's rear end. What follows is the ultimate clash between Frasier's pomposity and the most lowbrow of humour and while I'm not altogether convinced that Frasier would be so gullible as to fall for some of the elaborate pranks here the episode is certainly good fun, thanks largely to Kelsey Grammer's highly amusing performance, not least his rendition of 'I'm In The Mood For Love' when sitting in the bathtub and then jumping up and down on the bathroom floor. The climax where Carlos and the Chicken have a sudden bust up over which one of them is the straight man feels rather contrived although this scene does contain my favourite moment of the episode where Frasier tries to outwit his tormentors with a carefully worded speech, only to fly off the handle when The Chicken dares to correct his French pronunciation! Not a classic by any means but highly enjoyable viewing.

Rating: 79%