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Episode reviews for Episode 6.22 - Visions Of Daphne

Avg. Viewer Review: 87.0%
Number of Reviews: 5

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All about Jane Leeves, May 15, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

While it's probably one of the least funny episodes of season 6, "Visions of Daphne" succeeds by staying true to character. Daphne's psychic quote-unquote abilities are basically rendered moot after this season, so it's great to see that they're the basis for a key episode for her character, and they nicely set up a confrontation between her and the more rational Frasier that has been brewing for six years.

By creating this dilemma for Niles, the script respects him as a man, a psychiatrist, and someone hopelessly in love. Every step feels earned, and Daphne's last minute turnaround is handled very capably. It really is a highlight for Jane Leeves and an important one given that some future writers won't know how to utilise Daphne to anywhere near her full effect.

Rating: 86%


Visions of Daphne Review, Jul 13, 2008

Reviewer: Frasier fan from Australia

I know it is a big thing to say, but this episode is my favourite of the whole eleven seasons. I have many, many favourites throughout each season, but this is in my "best of the best" categories. I think David Hyde Pearce (as usual) is absolutely oscar winning in this episode. Every time i watch this episode i feel he isnt even acting. Brilliant dialogue and very bittersweet at the end with Niles accepting his fate without Daphne. I love this episode and cannot find fault.

Rating: 100%


Visions of Daphne, Apr 15, 2008

Reviewer: Anne from Birmingham England

This is really a fantastic episode, mainly because it brings out the strengths of the characters - their brilliant acting skills. Although the storyline is quite predictable; for example, Daphne going to Niles about her vision, and the end scene where she has a vision of her man holding a dragon, followed by Roz's gift to Niles. But it is the fine acting by the two brothers and their father that really make this episode so great. What is always incredible about Frasier is how it can make you smile one minute and cry the next, and that is definetly the case in this episode. We feel Niles' heartache when he finds out that Daphne is going to marry Donny, especially during the proposal.
The best part of this episode begins when Niles turns up in a red bow tie, and the rest of that scene is mesmerising. Fraiser's role is vital here as he tries to make Daphne and Niles see sense, whilst Martin quietly supports him. The interaction and chemistry between the characters here is really felt and extremely well acted, especially the male characters. You really feel that you are watching a family, a father and his two sons, as you watch this scene. I felt the same way during the episode "To tell the truth", when Niles is so distraught about Daphne finding out about his feelings for her, and Frasier fighting with his ethics.
It was a real pleasure to watch this episode, and one that I can't ever get enough of.

Rating: 90%


Visions of Daphne, Feb 08, 2007

Reviewer: Arran Wilson from UK

I both enjoyed this episode and found it heartbreaking, I am fairly new to frasier and finding the relationship between niles and daphne to be very funny but at the same time frustrating as I cant wait to see how they end up together. I found the acting to be superb american sitcoms usually find the perfect mix between humour and real situations and frasier I think is the best of the bunch for this. The basic premise of the episode is that martin finds out that daphne is about to be proposed to and lets it slip to her, While daphne is over the moon niles is crushed. Daphne then visits niles and explains she has had a vision showing her that she is meant for someone else. Niles jumps at this chance and agrees with daphne that getting married is not the right thing to do, and she should take the vision to heart. Later at frasiers apartment under pressure from frasier and martin niles retracts his advice to daphne which angers her just as her fella turns up. He makes a heartfelt proposal to her and she accepts. At the end of the episode she has another vision that the man she should be with is holding a dragon, just then we see niles at home opening a present which is a DRAGON.

Rating: 82%


'Visions Of Daphne' review, Jul 28, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

A low key penultimate episode which sees Niles abusing his ethics when he uses Daphne's psychic 'visions' to discourage her from marrying Donny, whom she has discovered is about to propose. The mix up where Niles is told by Frasier and Martin that Daphne's mother has died only for her to be seemingly overjoyed by this news is quite amusing as is Niles shamelessly turning up at the apartment in a red bow tie but for the most part this is a more subdued and serious affair. Indeed, the second half is largely devoid of laughs while the ending with Niles and the dragon, although a nice idea in itself, feels too obviously signposted by Daphne in the scene beforehand. On the whole though it's a well written episode and another which leaves the viewer feeling desperately sad for Niles in what has been a relentlessly miserable season for the character.

Rating: 77%