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Episode reviews for Episode 6.19 - IQ

Avg. Viewer Review: 80.0%
Number of Reviews: 7

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Homeless cats, May 12, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Another example of why I enjoy season 6 so much. The auction that occupies the first act is consistently enjoyable with Martin and Roz dominating the jokes (even if Noel remains the series' most one-note character).

The second act tosses a lot of balls in the air with the brothers increasingly outdoing each other just to end up in the ludicrous situation at episode's end, but by this point, we've reached a stage where we can both enjoy their downfall and also completely understand them. This is certainly not a high point for the brothers Crane, but it's grand fun for the audience.

Rating: 87%


IQ nonsense, Aug 11, 2011

Reviewer: Jonathan from VA

First, there is no way that Frasier has an IQ of 128 unless the test was the one that goes up only to 132. Not possible, since Niles took the same test.

Second, Frasier did not go to Harvard and Oxford with an IQ of 128.

Third, it is clear that Niles and Frasier have roughly the same IQ. The writer(s) REALLY blew it on this one.

In my family of origin, IQs are all 150-170. That's to be expected unless there is trauma of some sort.

My kids all have IQs around 180. They are genetic sports. The point is that a normal family does not have two equally brilliant members whose IQs are 30 points apart.

This major flow screwed up the whole episode for me. Otherwise, it gets a 90%.

Rating: 40%


Some nice moments, Jun 24, 2011

Reviewer: Matt from UK

An enjoyable episode for a number of fine moments - the three micro-
plots at the auction (Roz v Noel, Frasier v Niles, Martin guarding the
BBQ), Niles' smugness at winning the IQ contest, etc.

For some reason, though, the story just didn't hold up that well for me.
I'm a fan of the brothers' competitiveness as a plot device, but usually
that makes for 1-2 acts at most. In this episode it carried through all
three acts - the auction, the IQ test, and the dinner. By the end of it I
felt a little bludgeoned.

As I say though, there were more than enough funny moments to
make this episode a winner.

Rating: 78%


IQ, Aug 15, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

Fair enough entry grows a bit tired near it's close, but mines just a little bit more from the Sibling Rivalry factory. This time it's the brothers' long-buried IQ tests from childhood that spurs their backstabbing of each other. Many compliment Pierce during his drug-influenced scene, but the whole thing seemed extremely worn to me. How often have we seen in films or television where an over-medicated character makes an ass of themselves? Well, add another here. Sure, it's good for a few grins, but was a real sign of the torture that was to come in upcoming seasons.

Rating: 75%


Masterpiece of physical comedy, Apr 14, 2010

Reviewer: Pierre from Nova Scotia

The scene where a doped-up Niles falls to the floor of the restaurant, dragging the tablecloth with him, is a masterpiece of physical comedy.

Thank God for the DVD player! I played that scene in slow-mo over and over, to catch every nuance of David Hyde-Pierce's smooth, seamless descent into chaos. It's up there with the best of Chaplin and Sellers.

The reason that Hyde-Pierce's physical bits are so successful, is the contrast between his snooty and snobbish character, and the low-brow nature of the bits of business.

When the Three Stooges or Lucy trip over themselves, you expect it because they're clumsy. Expected is never funny. But with Niles, it's so out of character that it works well.

Rating: 100%


IQ, May 23, 2007

Reviewer: Anon. from Anytown, AT 55555

I love this one. Especially the great scene at the end with a twitchy-eyed Frasier and drugged-up Niles. A must-see!

Rating: 98%


'IQ' review, Jul 25, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

More Crane brothers one-upmanship as Frasier and Niles learn of the scores of their childhood IQ tests and, following the revelation that Niles achieved a considerably higher score than his older brother, the pair go out of their way to soak up as much knowledge as possible in time for an important dinner with three Nobel Prize winners, won at a silent auction. The sequence at the auction contains some great comedy moments - the subtle camera pan passing Frasier and Niles squabbling over a pen; Roz bending her sexuality to avoid spending a day with Noel - and culminates with a big laugh when the brothers realise they've just donated a fortune to the plight of homeless cats (!) while the resulting prize dinner is the undoubted highlight, with Frasier's caffeine-induced twitch and Niles doped up on tablets providing some inspired visual comedy - not least when Niles falls to the floor, bringing the contents of the table cloth down with him! A very enjoyable episode that delves a little deeper into the brothers' well-worn competitive streak.

Rating: 82%