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Episode reviews for Episode 6.16 - Decoys

Avg. Viewer Review: 85.9%
Number of Reviews: 8

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Laugh after laugh..., May 29, 2013

Reviewer: Foxy Florida Lady from Florida

My second favorite episode as it moves along quickly giving one laugh afer another, not ony with words but also with expressions ...and actors' / actresses physical when Frasier and Niles came thru the door, and well-meaning yet frustrated Frasier guided Niles across the room to go outside and watch the sunset with Roz .

Rating: 100%


Roz. Roz? Roz. Roz!, May 16, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Decoys" is, by comparison to some of the show's most famous farces - and most famous CABIN farces, at that - not quite as much of a masterpiece. But viewed on its own, and in the context of the characters in late season 6, it's definitely a consummate episode.

Roz finally finds out about Niles' attraction to Daphne in a very good scene. Her straight-talking attitude is a nice antidote to the way Niles and Frasier have dealt with the problem all these years. It's interesting that Roz has such fond hopes of Donny, given he's not all that similar to her many previous conquests, but perhaps that's exactly why?

There's a lot of fun to be had in the revolving-door farce that ensues, culminating in Niles and Roz hiding Donny while Frasier hides Daphne, and Martin just wants to shoot ducks. Perhaps the reason this is only a classic as opposed to a masterpiece is that there aren't the usual multitude of disguises and second-guesses. Most of the time, the farce is solely on Frasier with everyone else either revolving around him or completely disinterested. Still, I couldn't help chortling every time Frasier returned only to be utterly perplexed by why his matchmaking wasn't succeeding.

There are a few niggles. How do these people keep finding cabins - and just how well soundproofed is this place? Some of the yelling that goes on must surely have been audible to those in baby Alice's room. Ah well. It's a minor point.

(On a shallow note - even though I'm not interested in women - Peri Gilpin and Jane Leeves both look gorgeous this season. Two such intelligent, gorgeous comediennes very worthy of the solid material they've had the last couple of seasons.)

Ultimately, it's more than just the farce with "Decoys". Perhaps that's why the double identities don't get out of control. This is another stepping stone in the Niles/Daphne endgame, and the actors rise to the task. Note the scene where Frasier thinks he has grasped what Niles is up to. The two actors just repeat the word "Roz" numerous times, but we're aware of exactly what the characters' thought processes are revealing. And the early scene where Roz reprimands Niles for using her to ruin two happy people's relationship - only for him to display a convincing counter-argument - is wonderful work by those involved.

At the end of the day, this loony farce is a poignant story of Niles finally (well almost) accepting that he has lost Daphne... or more to the point, that he never had her. Between this and the season's final three episodes, he reaches a point where he can give in to the future and finally meet Mel. Which, I would argue, is an important point in making him finally ready to have Daphne in his life. It's all relative.

Rating: 90%


Decoys, Jul 16, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

They stretch themselves a bit thin with an umpteenth "Cabin Hijinks" entry which finds Niles trying to hook Roz back up with her ex and Daphne's new why, Donny. Roz's willingness to tamper with a friend's romance and Niles exploiting of her just had a sour ring to it, along with the actual goings-on. Grammer is more manic than usual in his obsessiveness and his constant thwartings of Niles plan grow frustrating. Not a completely joyless outing, but mediocre at best, with a noticable lack of flow.

Rating: 75%


Seen it before - and will again..., Oct 21, 2008

Reviewer: AdmiralXizor from Dallas, TX

I liked the episode, but it wasn't very original. Over the course of the series, exactly how many times has Frasier & Co. ended up in a cabin somewhere...? Pretty much every time they aren't in downtown Seattle. Been there, done that, had enough - they all seem to run together.

Rating: 75%


Decoys' Review, Feb 19, 2007

Reviewer: Eugene from England

A fantastic episode deploying again the use of brilliant farce by the Frasier writers. All the characters are great and the idea of Niles and Roz having a relationship is highly amusing.

The viewer sees the extreme lengths Niles will go to win Daphne's heart as he initiates an elaborate scheme at his cabin to set up Roz with Donny, leaving him to pursue Daphne.

The misunderstandings that ensue amongst all the characters are brilliant and parallels another Frasier classic "The Ski Lodge".

Another Frasier comedy gem!

Rating: 96%


Good farce, in a familiar setting, Dec 23, 2006

Reviewer: Richard Davidson from Fort Wayne, IN USA

I enjoyed this episode, but I have to ask the obvious question.

Is it just me, or is Nile's lake cabin the exact same building or set as "The Ski Lodge?"

Or do all rural buildings have a bathroom at the foot of a set of stairs leading up to a balconey where there's three bedrooms?

My only bone of contention is the look of hurt on Niles' face when Daphne lets it be known that her and Donnie are potentially going to be intimate for the first time. Do we really need to be in on something this personal? It kind of jarred me a little.

Poor Niles.

Rating: 75%



Reviewer: TOM from LONDON,U.K.

This is a terrific episode, cleverly written and acted with the feel of a stage farce (much like 'Room Service'). It would have been nice for Niles to have had a fling with Roz though! Unlikely maybe,but this isn't real life after all,and Roz was obviously up for it! Maybe this says more about me,as i find Peri Gilpin particularly comely in this episode,especially in Cafe Nervosa in her casual wear...bucket of cold water please!

Rating: 95%


'Decoys' review, Jul 23, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

An enjoyable knockabout farce which recalls many of the show's previous farce episodes, in particular the previous season's 'The Ski Lodge'. To help him get over Daphne's new relationship with Donny, Niles is persuaded to spend a weekend at Maris' lakeside cottage (which Donny has managed to get him from the divorce settlement) to be joined later by Frasier, Martin, Daphne and Donny. Hatching a plan, Niles decides to invite Roz in the hope that she will rekindle her relationship with ex-boyfriend Donny, so he can make his move on Daphne. While it's hard to defend Niles' behaviour here, there's never much doubt that things won't go to plan, especially when Frasier and Martin's arrival spurns Niles to make out that he's in a relationship with Roz! This leads to the best running joke of the episode where Niles keeps running into Frasier, who is appalled at his brother's seeming neglect of Roz. It's quite a shock to see Niles and Roz engaged in a pasionate kiss and as usual everything goes wrong at the end when everyone shows up at the cabin, much to each other's surprise. A very entertaining episode, with Niles' thwarted plan perfectly summed up by Frasier's closing duck call.

Rating: 81%