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Episode reviews for Episode 6.10 - Merry Christmas, Mrs Moskowitz

Avg. Viewer Review: 87.4%
Number of Reviews: 14

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Frequent Frasier miles, May 12, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Is this the "Matchmaker" of Jewish relations?

There's much fun to be had in this little gem, buoyed considerably by two charismatic guest performances. As Faye, Amy Brennemann just slots right in alongside the Crane men. There's no wonder they'd keep her around for the rest of the season. It's not just that Faye is straight-talking but that she's on Frasier's wavelength without sharing any of his crazy. And as Mrs. Moskowitz, Carole Shelley just storms the set with her presence.

Like the best of farces, the episode sets up all the playing pieces - Daphne's Christmas pageant, Freddie's menorah - without being overt about them, and then has fun reveling in the ridiculous imagery that ensues.

This is about the point in the series when the writers begin to reference themselves. The best gag of all is when Niles is informed of the situation, and limply assents. Nothing in him is surprised that he's suddenly being asked to play along in a grand deception. It's just another day at Chez Crane.

The climax of the episode, in which Mrs. Moskowitz learns the truth, is also a nice surprise, and - while the women's fight is a cliche - played very well, neatly shifting between drama and comedy. Unfortunately, Martin and Frasier's subsequent fight feels like a joke taken one step too far simply because the audience would enjoy the spectacle. No disrespect to the talents of Grammer and Mahoney, but it just feels overwrought. One could argue that this fight is a sign of how far the men have come in the last six years, but it strikes me that it was more an excuse for a laugh regardless of how ill-fitting it may seem. Still, notch a point or two off. That's all.

Rating: 86%


This is funny? YES!, Jan 26, 2012

Reviewer: Tid from England

This is a show of two halves. Or rather, nine tenths and one tenth.
Fortunately the nine tenths is one of the funniest Frasiers of all time -
trying to convince Frasier's girlfriend's mum that Frasier is Jewish. Niles
dressed as Jesus sneaking in for his nasal spray is worth the admission
price alone. Not to mention Niles' overdoing the yiddish speak!

Sadly it breaks down right at the end. The 'typically Jewish' fight
between Fay and her mum is ok but a bit of a cliché (it does have one
great moment when Frasier intervenes to try and give them some
privacy and Helen in a beat says "We're almost done" then resumes the
hysterics.) But Martin and Frasier repeating the incident was not only
forced but embarrassing.

Don't let that spoil your fun though. It's a great great episode with
moments that will have you crying with laughter.

Rating: 90%


Merry Christmas, Mrs Moskowitz, Jul 06, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

Usually the Fraze writers re-use a lot of old reliables to create farce. Mistaken crush by someone, mistaken gay (sometimes both), mistaken interest in someone by third party. Here we get a welcome new invention: mistaken religion. It starts in a department store when Frasier is rescued by a neighboring woman who realizes Roz is about to be spoiled as to which gift Frasier is getting her for Christmas. Upon realizing that Roz is only a friend of his, she sets him up with her daughter. He and the fix-up have a witty meet-cute at the cafe which leads to a later get together at F's apartment. This lady friend, Faye, discovers Frasier isn't Jewish and asks that he Jew it up to appease her mother. Of course, Martin and Niles end up a part of the calamitous act, leading to some really solid laughs. Only a couple of flaws here, one is the final few minutes which features two overblown crying episodes, one by Faye and her mother, the other by Frasier and Martin. It was unneccessary and forced, and seemed a little too cutesy. And the other being Amy Brenneman as Faye, far too stilted and sarcastic to be charming for my taste. But this entire thing is almost worth seeing only for the "Jesus" section. You'll know what I mean.

Rating: 85%


truly Funny, Feb 17, 2010

Reviewer: Mari from Atlanta, Ga USA

This is one of the funniest episodes of Frasier that I have ever seen.
The Crane family pretending to be Jewish at Christmas is priceless.

Rating: 100%


One of my Top 10, Jan 10, 2010

Reviewer: Anonymous from So. California, USA

When I first saw this episode, I ended up laughing so hard tears were literally running down my
cheeks. Having representatives from both the religious cultural sides of the season, I
understand the perceived need to tip toe around each tradition in an attempt to not seem to
demean the other. I thought that the ending was fabulous with Martin and Frasier
proving to be unsuccessful, as most non-Jewish persons do, to reenact the drama and
emotional meltdown then immediate resolution that were seen in the confrontation between
Faye and her mother. Every December, i look for this episode to be run in the hopes that I will
be able to sit down for another 30 minutes of raucous laughter.

Rating: 100%


The 'Powder Room', Nov 29, 2008

Reviewer: Denise from Vancouver Island, Canada

Most of you have made fine points and I agree 100%...but for me, the scene where Frasier opens the powder room door and finds Niles inside, dressed as Jesus, standing in front of a Xmas tree and stuffing his nasal spray up his nose is THE best scene EVER. With such a fantastic show, its hard to come up with just one to spotlight...but that scene made me roll on the floor laughing. It was perfection.

Rating: 100%


Brilliant, Jul 17, 2007

Reviewer: Barry Dunne from Castlecomer,Kilkenny,Ireland

One of my favourite episodes on Season 6, the crane boys pretending to be Jewish is classic. Faye is very good in the episode, her facial expressions and sheer trauma at watching Niles,Martin and Frasier acting as complete fraudsters is hilarious. Niles' appearance at the end when everything goes heads up is so funny, the cry of "JESUS" from Frasier's mouth as Niles scurries into the kitchen like a little puppy. its just a brilliant episode

Rating: 90%


Perhaps the best Christmas Episode..., Apr 12, 2007

Reviewer: Sabres23 from Clinton, New York

This may have been the best Christmas episode in the entire series. Frasier/Niles' snobbiness blends perfectly with Jewish sterotypes. For example, Frasier takes a sip of the wine, but then says... "Wait, what if she's expecting Jewish wine?" They add two or three spoonfuls of sugar and declare it perfect. The highlight of the episode was when Niles comes in as Jesus. Frasier uses the word "hell" once, and Niles says "I don't think that language is appropriate!" Then the show quickly goes downhill when Frasier and Martin try to resolve their conflicts like Faye and her mother. Still, one of my favorites!

Rating: 95%


Merry Christmas, indeed, Jan 15, 2007

Reviewer: Me123 from Scotland, UK

It's about time that Frasier returned to it's good old self, and this episode reminds of the great stuff from Season 4.

The storyline: Frasier is set up on a blind date by a girl's mother, however the mother does not know that Frasier isn't Jewish, and this may be a problem, especially when she comes around for a visit... A good stroyline, undeniable, and handled well. It could have worked better, admittedly, but it is nonetheless good.

It is when Frasier is trying to hide his Christmas themed house that things go awry. The entries of Niles with "Mazel Tov!" and the like work spectacularly well, and Martin not knowing anything about being Jewish adds more humour into the mix.

The funniest moments come soon after. The Chrismas tree arrives at the worst possible time, prompting Martin to put it out of the way in the bathroom. Then Niles, who has been recruited to act in Daphne's play, enters dressed as Jesus! This prompts more humour and, when they are found out (when Mrs. Moskowitz opens the bathroom door and finds Jesus and a Christmas Tree), the character's reactions are just hilarious!!!

So, now that all the humour is over, the writer(s) decided to add some reflection. Mrs. M and her daughter fight and make up pretty quickly, prompting Martin and Frasier into a similar fight, made up by falsities in an attempt to be like the Moskowitzes.

All in all, the mix of fun and reflection works brilliantly in this epidode to produce an absolute jewel. It will never live up to the standards of previous greats, but it shall always have a place in my heart.

Rating: 91%


Merry Christmas, Dr Crane, Sep 06, 2006

Reviewer: David Jones from North Wales, Great Britain

The first 18 minutes of this episode is wonderful farce with the Cranes pretending they're Jews and banishing anything Christmas related from the apartment. Niles is particularly good dressed as Jesus.

Unfortunatley, the awful and uncomfortably embarassing argument between the two guest stars and an over sentimental slushy scene between Frasier and Martin make it lose the credibility is gained in the first 18 minutes.

Rating: 40%



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