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Episode reviews for Episode 6.06 - Secret Admirer

Avg. Viewer Review: 81.6%
Number of Reviews: 8

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Season 6 sleeper, May 12, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

This episode isn't one of my favourites, although it's consistently well-written. All of the cast get fun moments in a plot that centres squarely on a typical Frasier situation, and ends with him inadvertently ruining a date (surprised?) in a series of misunderstandings. The three Crane men particularly have some hilarious interactions.

The first episodes of season 6, though, aren't really up to the standard of the rest of the season. I guess it's nice to know that Maris hasn't been completely forgotten (and the season will continue to focus on the end of the divorce proceedings) but I don't think her presence really helps much here besides being a catalyst for the Frasier plot.

Good, but not great.

Rating: 74%


top 5 frasier ep imho, Oct 04, 2011

Reviewer: frasierphile1234 from kaclville usa

i dunno ...
i consider myself both a frasier semi-expert and total frasier snob

fully capable of discerning great frasier episodes from the merely
good ones

and to me 'secret admirer' is absolutely a top 5 frasier
from opening line to denouement

to each his her own of course and any frasier fan is a friend of mine no doubt but i just dont get how the others' takes on this episode arent as enthusiastic as mine

frasier is quite taken with himself thinking anonymous gifts deliverd are for him from a secret admirer and proceeds to both become wholly all too self absorbed and get a much deserved comeuppance by episode's end
but along the way - at least to me - damn near every single line
was a laugh and not just a small one either

secret admirer got me lolling from the very opening line
and the pace of lols didnt subside even a little bit
to the very end shot which itself
qualifies as a minor classic in frasierdom you ask me

with the penultimate scene - shot from frasier's - now former - gfs' point of view in an elevator delivering the single funniest laugh line ive ever gotten from frasier

and i think youll agree w/ me that is saying quite a bit

all the regulars get absolutely killer lines to deliver starting out w/ roz and
working al the way thru daphne and martin a wonderfully sniping row midway along the way

and niles as usual getting off multiple bon mots of the highest order

it must be said too that frasier's love interest in this ep is imho the most attractive of any he ever persued - and of course - managed to
bollix things up with

all in all i love this episode and have watched it more than any other

Rating: 100%


Secret Admirer, May 29, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

Don't worry, this isn't along the lines of Season 2's "Someone to Watch Over Me." This is more of a misunderstanding ep that gets Frasier into very typical (and very effective) hot water. Thinking he's being pursued my a multitude of former love interests, Frasier risks abandoning a blossoming relationship he's just started. This, of course, finds its way back to the woman he's currently courting, leading to one of the better exchanges: "I tried pursuing one (of the other women) during the date." Turns out it was Maris inadvertently working Frasier's strings, and when Niles gets wind of it, he stands firm on his divorce. Naturally, this backfires, resulting in a great "call back" laugh related to Martin and his role as the all-soothing "Ice Cream Man." There's a slight freshness in Frasier not dating a bombshell for once, but the shrimpy woman he's paired with has zero sex appeal. Though not joyless, this is yet another S6 ep vastly lacking in the punch department.

Rating: 80%


Another forgettable season 6 episode..., Nov 26, 2008

Reviewer: Tom M from Cumbria, England

Season 6 just isn't as good as other seasons (apart from "Dial M For Martin"), I'm finding out. However, this was still an enjoyable episode, if a little slow at times. I'm getting a bit sick of the Maris based storylines now, but it was still an enjoyable way to spend 20 minutes!

Rating: 70%


The closing scene, Dec 30, 2007

Reviewer: Nick from Australia

Probably the most memorable. Niles opens what he believes is a gift form Maris but it turns out to be a box with their financial agreement paper torn. In there is a poem my Maris which Niles reads "Roses are red, violets are fickle, by the time we're through, all you'll have is this nickel." He starts crying saying that he's going to be "stripped and devoured", Frasier starts crying saying that he wont be (because all the women have dumped him)

Martin takes initiative and says "Alright, let's go get an ice-cream" a reference to earlier in the show where he said he would always buy ice-cream for the boys after they had an argument or a cry lol

Rating: 95%


A good episode, Jan 12, 2007

Reviewer: Me123 from Scotland, UK

This is certainly the first mainstream episode of season 6, and shows that season has finally found its feet after a reather shaky start.

Nancy (a former co-worker) is joining Frasier for a coffee in Café Nervosa, although they keep getting interupted by Roz then Niles, who seem to be oblivious to the fact they are dating. This provides some simple laughs, but nothing particularly important.

The main storyline here is the presents Frasier recieves, which were actually to Niles from Maris. Frasier's ego is once again exploited here to add humour:

Niles: No, she sent them to me. Schenkman dumped her and,
she wants me back.

Martin: How do you feel about this?

Frasier: Well, frankly, I feel a little injured. I thought I had a
secret admirer. Well, no matter, I do have a date with
Nancy, tonight. You know, it's our third date.

It all comes cradhing down during his 3rd date with Nancy. Frasier having received the gifts assumed they were from one of his many failed romances, and he calls all of them up. It is now that they all seem to call back, forcing a disgusted Nancy and Madeleine (an ex who actually visited him) to leave:

Frasier: Nancy, Madeline, please give me a second chance -
either one of you!

It is then revealed that, after Niles confronts Maris, she gets even angrier about the divorce and threatens to leave Niles with nothing. The show ends on a sombre, reflective note. The producers could have tried to cut the humour out of the last scene with Niles and Frasier crying on the couch in The Montana, leaving the scene perfectly well here, but some silly laughs ensued, which in my opinion were unnecesary.

Despite the silly ending (made up for in the prety good credit scene that we all knew was going to happen), it is still a good episode of Season 6, but nothing particularly special.

Rating: 82%


Review of 'Secret Admirer', Mar 01, 2006

Reviewer: Nick from North Wales, U.K.

An above average episode from season 6 which sees Frasier embarking on a new romance which he then proceeds to ruin by desperately attempting to find out who his secret admirer is. While never actually hilarious, the script is tight and proceeds enjoyably enough. The final revelation that the gifts were actually sent by Maris and intended for Niles moves the storyline along and paves the way for the bitter divorce case that later followed.

Rating: 74%


'Secret Admirer' review, Jul 15, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Prolific 'Frasier' writer Lori Kirkland's debut episode is an enjoyable one in which Frasier thinks he has a secret admirer when he receives a box containing a pair of cuff links, only for it to emerge that the gift was meant for Niles and the sender was none other than Maris, who intends to win him back. There's a very good opening scene at Nervosa where Niles doesn't seem to realise that his brother is on a date and although the sequence where Frasier is caught out dating two different women is nothing new, it still manages to be quite amusing. Perhaps the best thing here is Martin with his description of Eddie playing with bubble wrap ('Poppity-pop-pop-pop!') - Niles' blank reaction to this says it all - and at the end when he attempts to cheer up his sons by buying them both ice cream! Although not quite brilliant, there are more than enough good moments here to make this episode an entertaining one.

Rating: 78%