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Episode reviews for Episode 6.05 - First, Do No Harm

Avg. Viewer Review: 73.7%
Number of Reviews: 7

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Frasier and Marie, May 12, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Hmmm. "First, Do No Harm" is slightly lacklustre, in many ways echoing the general change of pace in season 6. On the downside, Roz is often reduced to baby-joke cameos and Daphne seems to be very quickly losing her quirkiness and commanding presence in the household. On top of this (in neutral-if-not-positive changes to the season) we're focused a little bit more on how the sitcom scenarios reflect our main characters. It's a shift toward self-exploration that will embody much of the remainder of the series' run.

So this week, with the women laying low and Niles and Martin largely reduced to a Greek chorus, we're looking at Frasier's usual self-doubts. This time, it's because his girlfriend - Duke's daughter Marie - seems to be using him for psychological advice.

This episode isn't heavy on laughs, but I think the conceit of the plot works well. The flip toward realising it might be Frasier who's using his relationship is a nice touch, and keeps this 22 minutes from feeling like it's bogged down in a single plot, as a few of the single-character scripts can start to. More to the point, I really like that Teri Hatcher is allowed to be very funny as Marie - and of course, we're more than usually desirous for this relationship to succeed, just so that Martin can get his tickets!

A neat little story.

Rating: 84%


First, Do No Harm, May 29, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

Sleepy entry sees Frasier hooked up with Duke's (of all people) daughter, who is really only in it for free dream interpretation (the daughter, not Duke). Frasier's recollections of her as a child are less than encouraging (there's a slight age difference), with all that wiped away at the sight of her having grown up to become Teri Hatcher. The Duke angle provides a few snickers as Martin becomes flummoxed with Frasier's indecisiveness about the future of the relationship. Hatcher pulls off the neurotic act well enough, but we're left more with knowing grins as to what she's up to than any real clever comedic happenings. And the business with Martin "balcony showcasing" Daphne and Roz is drastically underdeveloped. And our favorite Frasier sex staple this time: he has showered with this woman only after a couple dates. Darn the luck.

Rating: 73%


An easily forgettable episode..., Nov 24, 2008

Reviewer: Tom M from Cumbria, England

Man, what is up with season 6? It started slowly, then gave us one of the most classic episodes yet ("Dial M For Martin"), but now it's calmed down again? Obviously, this is yet another "filler" episode that is easily forgettable, but an enjoyable watch all the same. Unlike the previous episode, "Hot Ticket", this one had two nice storylines: Frasier dating Duke's hot daughter; Martin trying to set Daphne and Roz up. The former dragged on a bit, but was enjoyable while it lasted. I can't remember any great "laugh out loud" moments, however, which is strange for a Frasier episode. The Martin subplot was quite good, in comparison. In particular, when Marty is on the phone to the guy in the building opposite and he asks to "see another one"!

Not the greatest episode around, but mildly enjoyable all the same.

Rating: 70%


First, Do No Harm Review, May 31, 2008

Reviewer: XxTaftyXx from England

Firstly, it's strange to see Teri Hatcher playing a role other than Susan Mayer in Desperate Housewives (which I love btw), however, she plays the part well and is suited as Frasier's girlfriend. I believe that the plot was cleverly written in the way it incorporated the running storyline of Frasier's unemployment with his relationships. It was good to see that both characters unconciously wanted other things from the relationship instead of one another. However, the episode never really got going and felt a bit drawn out, especially with a subplot that didn't provide as many laughs as it could of.
Although not one of the most memorable episodes of the series, it doesn't do any harm!! Worth watching.

Rating: 74%


A decent, underrated episode, Jan 12, 2007

Reviewer: Me123 from Scotland, UK

I'm actually surprised to see the episode so low down in the list. Maybe it's just because of a poor previous episode, but i found this rather enjoyable.

It is nice to see Frasier enjoying himself again, this time with Duke's daughter Marie. It is a fairly good storyline, in that he firstly believes that she's going out with him for free psychiatric advise then, after ending and restarting the relationship, finding out that he's going out with her simply as a case study (she has recurring dreams, obssessive compulive disorder and a fear of heights), so he dumps her again. Needless to say that it all ends in tragedy.

The various subplots are also goos here. Martin is trying to set Daphne, then Roz, up with a friend by luring them onto the balcony to let the perverted friend look at them. Daphne's immediate anger at the idea could have been used a little more in this episode in my opinion, and would have certainly allowed her character to be used to a greater extent. Roz, naturally, takes to the idea straight away as can be seen in the closing credits.

Then Roz's coffee storyline is frankly silly time-filling - a slot that could have been reserved, in my opinion, for more Daphne time.

Unfortunately, humour is short in this episode, and the few moments of laughter are not brilliant. I cannot even recall one moment that was particularly memorable.

It is a shame that this could have been handled better. It is underrated by reviewers on this site in my opinion, but still a good watch.

Rating: 75%


Review of 'First, Do No Harm', Mar 01, 2006

Reviewer: Nick from North Wales, U.K.

Here Martin decides to set up Frasier with Duke's daughter Marie and there relationship seems to be progressing well until Frasier realises that he is only using Marie's problems to flex his analytical muscle. The premise of the story is fine but typically of the show at this point there are a dirth of laughs. The subplot of Martin attempting to find dates for Roz and Daphne is also noticeably flimsy.

Rating: 68%


'First, Do No Harm' review, Jul 14, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

An episode in which Frasier dates Duke's highly attractive daughter and OCD sufferer Marie (played by future 'Desperate Housewife' Teri Hatcher) but soon begins to wonder if she's only interested in him to get some free therapy. An interesting premise for an episode but as with 'Frasier's Curse' it wears out it's welcome sometime before the end with only the briefest of subplots - Martin trying to fix Daphne up with a complete stranger on the balcony - proving any sort of diversion, which although quite amusing, seems to have been thrown together for the sake of giving those two characters something to do. Eddie's stubborn refusal to let go of Frasier's trouser leg is a good sight gag and Frasier's way of breaking up with Marie with the words 'Our time is up' is clever but on the whole this is a rather underpowered episode with too few laughs to make it truly memorable.

Rating: 72%