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Sharing Kirby
Episode Details

Written by: Heide Perlman

Directed by: Kelsey Grammer

Original US airdate: 20th November 2001

Original UK airdate: 22nd February 2002

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Kenny Daly .... Tom McGowan
Kirby .... Brian Klugman
Guest Cast
Lucius .... Devon Michaels
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

Frasier is holding interviews for a summer internship at KACL. His current favourite is Lucius, who is both academically bright and plays the shamisen ( a Japanese type guitar plucked with a spatula!), but then Kirby (who we last saw in 'Don Juan In Hell') turns up with the intention of applying for the internship - something Roz is not too keen on. The station manager, Kenny, seems to like him but Frasier tells Kirby that he hasn't got the job, leaving Kirby to thank Frasier for doing his best to get him the job. This leaves Frasier somewhat troubled, as he really didn't do all he could, so when Daphne suggests that Niles hire someone to help organise his library, Frasier puts Kirby's name forward without a hint of irony - it transpires that Niles has bought a case of rare wine and has reneged on the brother's oral agreement to share any rare wine purchases. This leaves Niles shell shocked when he discovers Kirby reading books while eating and drinking in his library! Niles decides to fire Kirby, but then Kirby's girlfriend calls and Niles realises that she is the granddaughter of a wine collector whose wine cellar is legendary, and asks whether Kirby can arrange a visit around it for him. Kirby says he could if he was in employment (!), so Niles rehires him and Kirby goes off to make the call to Grampy Mulville. Frasier chooses that moment to drop round and is astonished to find Niles arranging a trip to the wine cellar behind his back - unfortunately Kirby returns to inform Niles that he can only take one person down to the cellar. This sparks a spat between Frasier and Niles, but Kirby overhears their insults aimed at him and storms out.

The following days see Frasier and Niles trying to apologise to Kirby, and thereby hope to persuade him to choose one of them over the other for the trip down to the wine cellar but things come to a head when the two of them take Kirby out to dinner and Kirby casually thanks Niles for the DVD player he sent over. This then starts a bidding war between Niles and Frasier with both offering increasing amounts of money before Niles offers a trip to Las Vegas, which prompts Frasier to offer the internship to Kirby. He accepts right away, but Frasier realises almost immediately what he has done and begins to regret it..... Also, Martin's doctor has found his blood pressure too high and put him on a low-fat, low salt diet and instructed him to wear a blood pressure monitor which goes off at random intervals - usually when Martin is angry about something!

Episode Title Cards
  • A Mountain Out Of A Mulvehill

  • Rage Against The Machine

Episode Highlights

- Kirby meets Roz again at KACL:
Kirby: What have you been doing since I took you to my prom?
Roz: Mostly showering (!)

- Frasier helps Kirby find a job, after looking at his CV:
Kirby: Something in law enforcement would be awesome.
Frasier: Well, that shouldn't be too difficult considering you were trained by the FBO (!)

- Frasier is angry after Niles doesn't want to share his rare wine purchase:
Niles: You have my word.
Frasier: Your oral agreements aren't worth the air they're breathed into (!)

- Niles' reaction to seeing what Kirby has done to his library.

- The TV remote won't work:
Martin: You took the batteries out of my remote!
Frasier: Oh, I'm sorry - I needed them for my footspa.

- Niles and Frasier meet Kirby for dinner:
Niles: I just want to apologise for Frasier and my behaviour.
Kirby: I forgave you when I got that DVD player you sent me.

Frasier Online Episode Review

Brian Klugman makes a welcome return to the show as Kirby, thankfully this time without his rather annoying mother Lana in tow, in an episode that sports a rather amusing storyline as we first see Frasier inflicting Kirby on Niles in retaliation for Niles not sharing his wine purchase. This is then followed by the two brothers fighting with each other and trying to get Kirby to select one of them over the other for a trip around a renowned wine cellar. The infighting that develops between Frasier and Niles is nothing that we haven't seen in past episodes but it was an engaging and enjoyable episode nonetheless.


74 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 75.0%
Total Number of Reviews: 3

Le vin fou!, May 20, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

I like Kirby. There, I've said it. I've heard claims that he's an appeal by the network to teens but, come on, what teen is going to watch a show like "Frasier" for a deliberately dim character like Kirby? (As a teen who watched "Frasier" myself, I can attest.) Contrary to any idea that he "dumbs down" the series, Kirby - like any previously dim characters like Bulldog - is a different type of humour not found by the characters. As seen in this neat contrast between himself and the brothers Crane.

Throwing Kirby into the mix is a nice twist on the quintessential Frasier/Niles rivalry episode, with this one giving us a peek into both Frasier's current position in the KACL food chain and Niles' obsessive library. This is probably Brian Klugman's best appearance as Kirby: he's adorable when having Niles handle his phone calls, and it's fun that he catches on to the battle raging around him. He's a character with more room for growth than some of the other funny-but-one-note characters introduced in the last few years (Simon, for instance) but I can also appreciate that the series decided to phase him out shortly after this. He could've served a fun purpose as the KACL intern, given that all of the regular KACL staff except Kenny have faded away to some extent. Still, I guess it would be hard to keep him around, and he does lack the witty banter that we expect from this show.

(Incidentally, the phrase "barring any unforeseen circumstances" - which Frasier says to Lucius the non-intern early in the episode - was a recurring gag amongst the "Seinfeld" cast after it was used a couple of times in early episodes of that show.)

The Martin/Daphne sideplot, unfortunately, lets the episode down. Despite the funny initial gag that the blood pressure indicator is "sending" information at intervals of its own choice, the storyline feels like a waste of the actor's talents, particularly as it builds to nothing. Martin gets the all-clear but secretly likes chick flicks. No-one finds out, the chick flicks aren't even particularly built up. It's just... that was all they had time for. A bit of a fallback.

Rating: 75%


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