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Room Full Of Heroes
Episode Details

Written by: Eric Zicklin

Directed by: Wil Shriner

Original US airdate: 30th October 2001

Original UK airdate: 1st February 2002

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Guest Cast
Justin .... Soren Fulton
Kid In Hall .... Steven Anthony Lawrence
Alice .... Tess Cruickshank
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

Frasier is throwing a Halloween party with a difference - everyone has to come dressed as their hero. Frasier, of course, has selected Sigmund Freud - even if Daphne struggles to work out who it is, but the party doesn't get off to the best of starts when almost everyone invited phones in sick. That leaves just Roz, Daphne, Niles and Martin - Martin comes dressed as Joe Di Maggio, while Daphne, in a vision of colour, dresses as Elton John. Roz, it seems thought Frasier meant superhero, and comes as Wonder Woman! Niles, on the other hand, comes dressed as his father complete with grey hair, a cane and a dog! The party gets going when Frasier asks everyone, as their hero, to tell everyone their most important relationship. 'Joe' picks Marilyn Monroe, Wonder Woman picks her alter-ego Diane Prince, while 'Martin' selects Hester Palmer who would become Frasier and Niles' mother. Frasier feels somewhat put out by what he sees as Niles' blatant attempt at sucking up to his father, and after everyone seemingly abandons Frasier's party game, storms out in a huff.

Frasier is consoled somewhat by a boy who has his trick-or treat candy stolen by his brother, but forgives him, and returns to the party. Everyone wants to play Frasier's game again, and the question this time is what is your hero's biggest disappointment. Niles, as Martin, launches into a speech that has been fuelled by the copious amounts of alcohol he has consumed and paints Martin's biggest disappointment as the fact that he never got to see his sons grow up to be baseball players, and by association Frasier and Niles as his biggest disappointments. Martin stops him, furious for putting words in his mouth and storms off. Can Niles make amends with his father.....?

Episode Title Cards
  • It's Flu and Party Season

Episode Highlights

- Daphne tells Frasier that the children are afraid of Old Man Crane, but it's not Martin it's Frasier:
Daphne: They even have a whole rhyme about you - "Old Man Crane, Old Man Crane, make him mad and he'll eat your brain!"

- Frasier feels his twist on a costume party will be very welcome:
Frasier: It makes a welcome change from those tiresome theme parties where someone gets murdered.
Martin: Could still happen (!)

- Daphne explains why Elton John is her hero:
Frasier: Thank you for putting so much thought into your costume, as opposed to throwing on something frivilous.
- Roz appears as Wonder Woman!

- Frasier tells Niles he doesn't have to drink beer to be like Martin:
Niles: I'm wearing black shoes with white socks - I may as well go all the way!

- Niles can't believe Frasier is jealous of him dressing as Martin:
Niles: You should be celebrating the fact that Dad is having fun, which rarely happens at your parties - or mine!

- Martin tells Daphne and Niles to stop kissing:
Martin: I don't want to watch myself make out with Elton John!

- Children fleeing in fear after witnessing Frasier rip the wig off Niles' head!

Frasier Online Episode Review

An enjoyable episode that features a Halloween party with a great 'Frasier' twist - everyone has to come dressed as their hero. It features some highly amusing moments such as the sight of Roz dressed as Wonder Woman, and Niles dressed as Martin and gets him down perfectly including throwing his head back when he laughs. That said, I felt Niles' speech at the end, even if he was drunk on alcohol, seemed far too scripted while Frasier's jealousy of Niles seems petty and contrived. All told, this episode is great fun, even if Daphne's impression of Elton John is a bit peculiar.


77 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 85.0%
Total Number of Reviews: 11

Old Man Crane, May 20, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

After a quartet of episodes profiling each of the main characters, it seems fitting to lock them all in a room for a kind of summary of that analysis. Everyone's costumes make wonderful sense, particularly the reveal of Niles dressed as Martin. Daphne's bizarre impersonation of Elton John feels very early-season Daph, and I like it. (Incidentally, this was the last episode before 9/11 and the death of David Angell. It's also the last episode to prominently feature, I think, a child other than Ashley Thomas as Alice- since it was filmed before "Love Stinks".)

Overall, I quite like this one. It's a bit of a highlight of season 9, veering from hilarious to sweet to confronting. Niles citing Hester as his inspiration and then refusing to answer to "Niles", the good kid actor who shares a scene with Frasier, and the wonderful quirky moment where Frasier's game goes completely out of control due to a connection between Diana Prince and Princess Di. It makes perfect sense (and I'm sure we all know someone like it) that Frasier's games are not what these guys had in mind for a fun night, and it's that occasional transition between humouring their friend and wanting to hang out with everyone else that can still believably create tension in this group. Probably the only thing keeping this episode from being a real classic is that the structure is a little mixed. The episode can't quite decide if it's a story about sibling rivalry, about the tensions of Martin and his perception, or about Frasier getting his way. From an audience perspective, it doesn't necessarily need to pick. For a solid dramatic or comedic structure, it could perhaps have made the choice. Still, David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney perfectly sell their rollercoaster of emotions, and the ending - though telegraphed - is hysterical.

Rating: 86%


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