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Radio Wars
Episode Details

Written by: Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil

Directed by: Sheldon Epps

Original US airdate: 7th October 1999

Original UK airdate: 21st January 2000

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Kenny Daly .... Tom McGowan
Guest Cast
Carlos .... John Ennis
The Chicken .... Bryan Callen
Waitress .... Dawn McMillan
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

Frasier is awakened at 6.15AM by a call from Dr Bob Kauffman from the National Psychotherapy Institute, New Jersey, saying that he has won radio psychiatrist of the year and a statue of him is to be place in their 'Hall Of Thinkers'. He is then passed over to Gustav Brumhult, the German in charge of making the statue. He asks him to describe his posterior, but as Frasier describes that information as a bit sensitive, Gustav takes this to mean Frasier has a rather large behind. Unbeknownst to Frasier, Dr Kauffman and Gustav are actually Carlos and the Chicken, KACL's new morning crew, and he is the victim of one of their radio pranks. Both Martin and Daphne have heard everything and can't control their enjoyment of it. While meeting Roz at Cafe Nervosa, it transpires it was re-broadcast at 8am and 9.15am, and almost everyone has heard the prank.

When Kenny, the station manager, and Carlos and the Chicken come into the Cafe, Frasier takes the opportunity to introduce himself and say his piece, but the two pranksters seem fans of his show and they hope he didn't take it too personally. Frasier seems satisfied but soon after that, Niles takes a phone call from 'the building supervisor' saying they have a problem with the pipes with the apartment below his and wants to know what Frasier is putting down his bathtub. Niles goes off to give the phone to Frasier, currently in the bath. Daphne and Martin smell a rat, and turn on the radio and - lo and behold - Frasier is once more a guest on the Carlos and Chicken show. They manage to get him to sing and stomp around his bathroom, at which point the prank is revealed together with launch of the 'Frasier's humoungous ass competion' where they are offering $1000 for the best photo of Frasier's behind for their website. This is the last straw for Frasier and decides to fight back with the only way he knows how - a bittingly witty speech. Martin warns him against doing it, but Frasier is having none of it, especially as they have broadcast a tape seemingly of Frasier and Roz having sex which is spiced together from parts of their show. As Frasier launches into his speech live on air, calling them 'a juvenile prankster and his straight man', Carlos and the Chicken launch into an argument over who is the funny one, resulting in BOTH storming off, leaving Frasier to fill in the rest of the morning 'zoo'.

Episode Title Cards
  • Take That, Alfalfa
  • Umbrella Policy

Episode Highlights

- The look on Frasier's face as the first prank is revealed.

- Martin has heard the prank on the radio:
Martin: Do you think you could get me a tape of the show?
Frasier: What on earth for?
Martin: How often do you get to hear your son on the radio?
Frasier: [exploding] I'm on the radio every day!!!

- Martin is on the phone to Duke as Niles comes in:
Niles: [to Frasier] I'm going down to Abigails to have my crepe pans reseasoned
Martin tries to muffles the phone
Frasier: Oh I'd love to Niles, but I've just drawn myself a herbal bath.
Martin tries to muffle the phone again.
Martin: What? No, it's just Daphne - she's watching PBS!

- The sight of Frasier singing and stamping round his bathroom

- Niles wants to know why Frasier didn't hold the elevator for him:
Frasier: I was afraid you were trying to take a photo of my butt!
Niles: How exciting to be present at the birth of a new phobia (!)

- Daphne reveals she has a catsuit as Niles looks on and Eddie jumps unseen on a chair.
Martin: [Referring to Eddie] Catsuit, eh? Better not let him hear you say that - he'll go nuts.
Niles: I will not! [Sees Eddie] surprised if he did!

Frasier Online Episode Review

A fun episode which gets a lot of mileage from making a fool of Frasier, one of the series' long running themes. Frasier makes a fabulous foil for the low-grade humour of the prankster DJ's, while the 'Frasier humoungous ass contest' is an inspired creation. Kelsey Grammer puts in a great performance as he falls for all their on-air pranks, before finally fighting back with a speech (!) - a classic display of Frasier's pomposity. However, more could have been made of the situation and the resoultion came over as a bit weak - I would have liked to see Frasier get one up on these guys by giving them a taste of their own medicine. Nevertheless, this is an enjoyable above-average episode which continues the high standard of Season 7 so far.


80 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 79.3%
Total Number of Reviews: 3

Silly fun, May 14, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Radio Wars" is an episode of a sub-genre I particularly enjoy: Frasier Crane interacting with the real world. Carlos and the Chicken are such perfect imitations of all of those immature radio shock-jocks that populate the airwaves, in stark contrast to Frasier's public radio style musings. It makes sense that he would struggle to deal with them, and that his vanity would be an easy target for their jokes. And, as a big fan of the KACL environment, this episode was bound to work for me.

I'd hate for the show to be like this every week - Frasier and Roz "making out" in the booth is much more gross-out humour than we're used to, but it works in these small doses. I particularly enjoy the way that Roz, Martin and Daphne are all able to have a good laugh at Frasier's treatment and the jokes on Frasier - particularly his secret bath recipe - are delicious. Season 7 is an odd beast, but this is a nice example of the show stretching its wings... without stretching too far.

Rating: 83%


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