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Momma Mia
Episode Details

Written by: Rob Hanning

Directed by: Kelsey Grammer

Original US airdate: 23rd September 1999

Original UK airdate: 7th January 2000

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Guest Cast
Mia .... Rita Wilson
Francesca .... Georgia Emelin
Jessica .... Delaina Mitchell
Young Frasier .... Dustin Tragethon
Young Niles .... Sean Cast
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

Roz has set Frasier up with a blind date and both are awaiting in Cafe Nervosa for her arrival, when Frasier spies a lady sitting at another table with another man and finds her instantly attractive. Frasier sends Roz to find out if she and her male companion are together but Roz ends up asking a woman at the wrong table, so Frasier asks her himself - just as women from other tables that Roz has been to asking whether they are single AND his blind date arrives. Luckily, Frasier manages to wipe the egg off his face and ask the mystery woman, Mia, out for coffee.

Some weeks later, as Frasier and Niles are preparing to take Martin up to their old family cabin as part of his birthday gift, Frasier is still going out with Mia and drops by to pick him up. Niles is immediately struck by the resemblance between Mia and their mother, Hester Crane, but Frasier seems completely oblivious to the fact. Up at the cabin, to which Frasier has invited Mia, Niles is fending off bugs with his suitcase of bug repellent and Martin finally gets to meet Mia as well - who is also struck by the similarity to Hester. Frasier, though, is still in the dark about it despite Niles dropping hints in almost every sentence. However, it is not until the three Crane men sit down to watch a video of their old home movies that Frasier finally realises who Mia reminds him of. Despite being initially distraught, will Frasier be able to continue seeing Mia after this revelation.....?

Episode Title Cards
  • There Are None So Blind...
  • Momma Mia

Episode Highlights

- After a number of people have seemed interested in Frasier while he is trying to chat up Mia:
Frasier: God, you must think I'm some sort of smooth operator.
Mia: No, not really (!)

- Niles arrives at Frasier's to find Martin breaking in his waist high waders:
Niles: Well there's a faux pas averted - I almost wore my big rubber pants today (!)

- Niles and his suitcase of bug repellent.

- Niles and Frasier are angry at each other:
Frasier: Niles dropped a log on my hand when he was startled by a moth!
Niles: It was not a moth - it was a bat! I could tell from the eerie high-pitched scream.
Frasier: That was you!

- Niles is trying to get Frasier to realise that Mia is exactly like their mother, so Martin throws a glass of water on to Niles:
Niles: Looks like these pants will have to be re-pressed!

Frasier Online Episode Review

The start of a new season and after the slightly disappointing Season 6, this season has a lot to make up for. This opening episode is basically a one-joke episode - Frasier is dating the spitting image of his mother - but compared to the Season 6 opener 'Good Grief', this is a definite improvement with good performances from all involved and the episode flows very well - it never feels awkward as some episodes did last season. Where the episode falls down is with the script which simply isn't funny enough. In summary, then, this is an enjoyable episode - I particularly enjoyed Niles's attempts to fend off the bugs in he cabin - with a rather moving ending, but future episodes will need better scripts to try and capture some of the show's past brilliance.


75 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 81.2%
Total Number of Reviews: 4

Hester She Ain't, May 12, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

What an interesting choice to open the season. Coming off its highest-rated year, "Frasier" chooses a character piece that pays off far more for long-term viewers than newcomers. Unusual.

There's a lot of comedy here, such as the farcical open with Frasier and Roz asking out the wrong people, and the interactions between David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney at the cabin. However, the crucial situation - that Mia looks like Frasier's mother - always teeters hesitantly between comedy and drama. Some moments are clearly pitched (Mia getting sexual with a disturbed Frasier, for instance) but sometimes the melancholic tones of Frasier's wistfulness take this episode toward a deeper vein than the farce it was perhaps initially pitched as. Perhaps I'm overthinking it (although what better show?) but it seems as if what was originally a purely comic idea evolved as the writer and later the cast sunk their teeth into it.

I'm not convinced that this is a classic, largely because the first act can't quite make its mind up about what it wants to achieve. However, Frasier's ultimate realisation and disgust is played very well. What makes this a worthy episode, however, is that stunning final scene. Three men - all at a questioning point of their lives - who have wildly different traits and have struggled to get along over the years, watching video of the one woman they all uniformly loved, and who is lost to them forever.

Only "Frasier" could do this, folks.

Rating: 79%


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