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Voyage Of The Damned
Episode Details

Written by: Jeffrey Richman

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Original US airdate: 18th November 1997

Original UK airdate: 13th February 1998

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Guest Cast
Mimi .... Stephanie Faracy
Carlos Del Gato
(The Barracuda)
.... Miguel Perez
Waiter .... Joe Reynolds
Maid .... Beecey Carlson
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

Rox manages to convince Frasier to be a 'celebrity guest' on a cruise ship to Alaska, despite his initial hesitiation, so when Niles becomes depressed that he and Maris have separated again and will not be spending their anniversary together, Frasier has the idea that the whole Crane family should go on the cruise together. Unbeknownst to Niles, both Martin and Frasier also invite Maris to join them on the cruise in an attempt to get them back toegther. On board the cruise, Frasier discovers that his cabin is not the spacious room he imagined it would be, but is even more incensed when he discovers who the other 'celbrities' are who are also on board to entertain the guests - essentially a collection of unknowns and has-beens, including the Latin singing sensation, Carlos "the Barracuda". Also on the boat is the libidinous Mimi who makes a pass at Niles, all of which is seen by a horrified Maris. Frasier, Martin and Roz try to patch things up between the feuding couple by going to Maris' cabin to talk to her, but when they discover see is not there, they sneak into the cabin to admire its spaciousness. But when Maris suddenly arrives, the intruders hide in the shower, and watch Maris prepare for a date with "The Barracuda". Then Niles arrives and discovers his family hiding in the shower...

Episode Title Cards
  • Where Everybody Knows Here Name
  • Staremaster

Episode Highlights

- Roz is trying to convince Frasier to do the talk on the cruise by telling him who else has done one:
Roz: Gore Vidal did two of them!
Frasier: Gore Vidal?! He hates everything!

- Daphne is telling Frasier about the way in which her mother used to tell her to enjoy things while she can:
Daphne: "Eat your greens - there'll be no brussel sprouts in hell! Have a lie down - there'll be no naps in hell!"

- Daphne tells Frasier not to be too hard on a wet Eddie shaking himself on Frasier's wooden floors:
Daphne: As me mum used to say: "There'll be no dogs in hell"
Frasier: I sincerely doubt that!!

- Martin can't wait to get started on the cruise buffet:
Martin: You guys coming?
Niles: Dad, we ate at home.
Martin: Rookie mistake - see you at dinner!

- Frasier is appalled at the quality of the other cruise "celebrities":
Roz: It's not so bad - at least you got top billing.
Frasier: Of course I got top billing - I'm the only one up there I've ever heard of!

- Roz wants to know why Maris is wearing black on a cruise:
Frasier: Roz, the woman has virtually no pigmentation. Three minutes in the sun and she'd sear like an ahi tuna!!

- Niles wonders if Maris will take revenge on him for flirting with Mimi by going a stage further with "The Barracuda":
Roz: Wow, do you think Maris is planning to "do" the Barracuda ?!

- Martin is about to head off for another meal:
Frasier: My lecture's in 15 minutes.
Martin: Oh well, I guess I can't do everything - tell me how it went at the midnight buffet!

- Frasier, Martin and Roz are trapped in the bathroom of Maris' cabin, so Roz tries to see her through the keyhole:
Roz: I see her coat on a hat rack.
[Martin and Frasier exchange knowing glances]
Frasier: Look closer. Is the hat rack moving?

Frasier Online Episode Review

This is an episode that gets a bad rap in some quarters, but for me, I think it's a bit of an underrated gem of an episode that never fails to make me laugh whenever I watch it. There are loads of things about this episode that I love: Daphne's bit near the beginning where she tells Frasier about her mother's answer for everything, the running joke about the spartan condition of Frasier's cabin on board the ship which culmintaes brilliantly when he sees the interior of Maris' cabin which has a balcony and a grand piano! Martin's obsession with food on board the cruise is hilarious - his description of having eaten caribou from the Alaskan buffet was brilliant, as was the running joke which sees waiter's throwing champagne into Niles' face courtesy of large tips from Maris. The episode culminates superbly as Roz, Martin and Frasier find themselves trapped in Maris' cabin bathroom, which garners us a brief glimpse of Maris through the shower curtain - a wonderfully unexpected treat - and rounds off a superbly funny episode from this excellent season.


90 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 93.1%
Total Number of Reviews: 15

Buffet etiquette, May 11, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Like any sitcom, "Frasier" has its set formulas, but one of the elements that makes it such a classic show is its flexibility. Like" Mary Tyler Moore" or "Dick Van Dyke", the world of Frasier Crane exists as a workplace sitcom, a family sitcom, a bachelor sitcom, and a classic farce. So, thinking about this episode surprised me: it's not even really driven by conflict. Sure, Niles briefly feels that Frasier has ruined his relationship with Maris, but realistically "Voyage of the Damned" is a collection of funny scenes linked by plot and character connections, where all of our main characters are of the same mindset. Unlike so many tired sitcoms that feel the need to craft all their scripts from a Creative Writing 101 Textbook, "Frasier" is happy to break the rules on occasion and do an episode with its own unique structure.

The first third of the episode invokes some good old-fashioned character interactions, with a quirky Daphne story, and a character-based argument and debate about waxed floors and hot toddies. Frasier's apartment genuinely feels cosy on a stormy night - just one of the delights of this show.

Once on board the ship, Frasier's discomfort grows hilariously with every scene, from his "famous" co-hosts Giggles O'Shea and Carlos "The Barricuda" Delgado, to realising Roz has a better compartment, and that he may have caused Maris and Niles to separate for good. Kelsey Grammer has a lot of fun, but its his three co-stars who really get to shine. David Hyde Pierce continues to get the lion's share of attention in these last few episodes of the Niles/Maris arc, and - particularly now that I've seen John Mahoney in a few non-comic roles - I'm particularly impressed with Martin's excitement over buffet etiquette. (Tip One: Don't have lunch before you board the ship!)

Peri Gilpin is the MVP this week, from mocking the Barricuda to flinching in terror in Maris' shower. This is a prime example of how well the cast work together in a show at its peak.

"Voyage of the Damned" is not a perfect episode to my mind. In spite of my praise for the unusual structure, it does mean we're treated to an episode that feels a bit adrift (pardon the pun) and the ending - with the reveal that Niles and Maris have reconciled - is a bit abrupt. It's important enough to merit being the final piece of information, but it doesn't really cap off the humorous tension that has been building. Still, given that this will play out over the next few episodes, I'm not cut up about it. It's just great to see the characters having fun together, and ENJOYING having fun!

Rating: 91%


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