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Mixed Doubles
Episode Details

Written by: Christopher Lloyd

Directed by: David Lee

Original US airdate: 19th October 1996

Original UK airdate: 15th August 1997

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Guest Cast
Rodney Banks .... Kevin Farrell
Adelle Childs .... Allison Mackie
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

When Daphne breaks up with her contractor boyfriend, Joe, after he feels they've been on-again, off-again for too long, Niles thinks this may be his opportunity to declare his feelings for her. But Frasier convinces him that he is being too hasty about this, and urges to to wait one day to let Daphne get over Joe - which he does. This then gives Roz ample time to take Daphne to a singles bar where she meets Rodney, and seems quite taken with him.

Niles is understandably upset that him hesitating led to Daphne finding another man, so he asks Roz to take him to the same singles bar to meet a new woman. This comes in the form of Adelle Childs, and Niles seems very happy with her. Niles and Adelle drop by Frasier's apartment to pick up some theatre tickets, when Daphne arrives back with Rodney. To everyone's astonishment, Rodney appears to be Niles' doppelganger in almost every way....

Episode Title Cards
  • Where Everybody Knows Here Name
  • Staremaster

Episode Highlights

- Daphne is retelling the moments that led to her break up with Joe:
Daphne: I said "Don't you like your potato?", and he said he wasn't hungry for potato and I said "If you don't like your potato, you're welcome to try my potato."
Frasier: Could we hasten to the post potato portion of the dialogue!

- Niles trying to comfort an upset Daphne, but Frasier blocking him every time.

- Niles wants to tell Daphne his feelings for her:
Frasier: Before you do somehing rash, perhaps you should consider it from all angles.
Niles: I've spent 3 years considering Daphne from all angles.

- Roz took Daphne to a singles bar to get over Joe:
Daphne: Last night Roz insisted on taking me to a bar called "The Sure Thing"
Frasier: How flattering - they've named a bar after her!

- Niles arrives at Roz's single's bar:
Roz: If you're going to use words like "Millieu", you may as well show up with a sore on your lip and a couple of kids!

- The phone goes as Niles meets Rodney:
Martin: I can't talk now Duke - I'm in the Twilight Zone.

- Niles is angry after seeing Rodney and Adelle kissing:
Frasier: Whatever you do, don't engage Rodney in a physical fight - the whole thing would just look too weird!

Frasier Online Episode Review

A truly terrific episode that takes the basic plotline of Daphne dating a clone of Niles and creates one of the show's best episodes. There are some great moments all the way through, but the highlights have to be Niles' reaction after he realises who Rodney reminds him of, Niles' attempts to comfort Daphne after the word Joe makes her cry and the scene in the singles bar where Roz attempts to school Niles is picking up a woman. Brilliant from beginning to end, the episode finishes with a desperately moving scene when Daphne says how much she loves Niles as a friend and Niles reponds with "I love you too, Daphne".


91 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 95.3%
Total Number of Reviews: 17

The next step, Dec 11, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Mixed Doubles" is a delightful little episode which manages to be
comedic and heartfelt throughout. The gag of Niles' doppelganger
never gets old, and it's always interesting to further the plight of
Niles' single life, as he struggles to stay free of Maris and yet
remain afloat.

At some point in every series with a 'will they or won't they'
component, the writers have to deal with the issue of longevity.
Some shows - like, say, "Friends" - just sweep it under the carpet,
to the point where the characters look like utter idiots: two
grown-ups who can't admit they love one another over the course
of ten years? Ridiculous! "Frasier", instead, decides to do the
same thing they will eventually do with the chronic 'single'-ness of
Frasier and Roz: make it a character element. Niles couldn't be
with Daphne previously because he was married. Now, they're at
the point where Daphne knows all his flaws and quirks, and sees
him as Frasier's brother. To add to this, Niles is aware that the
risk is so great if she turns him down, and the timing is far from

All of the interactions between Niles and Daphne are simply
wonderful, and genuine. We're able to enjoy the story of their
growing friendship without becoming impatient for further things
to happen. A lovely tale.

Rating: 97%


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