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Three Dates And A Breakup
Episode Details

Written by: Rob Greenberg

Directed by: Jeff Melman

Original US airdate: 29th April 1997

Original UK airdate: 14th November 1997 / 21st November 1997

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Sherry Dempsey .... Marsha Mason
Guest Cast
Kimberly Egan .... Rebeccah Bush
Adair Peck .... Donna Bullock
Leslie Wellman .... Maria Del Mar
Waitress .... Pauley P.
John Coughlin .... Jeffrey Corbett
Guest Callers
Doug .... David Benoit

Episode Synopsis

Frasier is throwing a benefit for the Seattle Theatre Ensemble at his apartment, and asks Niles why he has not received his cheque yet - it transpires that Niles is desperate to meet a woman and wants to know what sort of women he is likely to meet a t the benefit. Frasier assures him there will be plenty of available women, but Niles threatens to cancel if Martin and Sherry will be there but Frasier tells him he has a plan - he has bought them rinkside tickets to Nashville on Ice, which Martin and Sherry are incredibly grateful for! At the benefit itself, Frasier is having enormous luck with women and manages to set up dates with three women on each day of the holiday weekend, while Niles is despondent after he has no luck with any women and has to put up with the indignity of everyone calling him 'Miles'.

Frasier's first date is with Kimberly Egan, a Catholic, animal-loving vegetarian which Frasier tries to charm by pretending he loves dogs and is a vegetarian as well. The date is going well until Sherry and Martin return home and offer Frasier some veal, before discovering that he has locked Eddie in Martin's bedroom, which causes Kimberly to storm out of Frasier's apartment, leaving Eddie to eat his meticulously prepared meal. The next morning, Frasier and Daphne return from shopping to discover Martin and Sherry arguing, which they then take into the bedroom. Daphne says Sherry will easily get Martin to make up with her, but it seems she is proved wrong when Sherry leaves indicating their relationship is over. Frasier and Niles are overjoyed as they face a Sherry-free future, but Daphne feels Martin is bottling up his true feelings.

The next day, Frasier's second date is with Adair Peck but is interrupted when Sherry stops by to pick up her banjo. She mistakes Adair for Kimberly and says it is nice to meet her again, which leads to Adair finding out that Frasier dated Kimberly the night before - not something she can easily accept as Kimberly broke up her first marriage! Once again, Eddie is left to eat up Frasier meticulously prepared meal. The following day, Sherry joins Frasier and Niles in Cafe Nervosa and wants to talk about her breakup from Martin. She tells them that a few nights ago, Sherry told Martin that she loved him and he hesitantly said it back to her. Niles doesn't want Frasier to try and get them back together, but he tries to talk to his father anyway. Sherry pops by just before Frasier's third date, during which Frasier leaves his date, Leslie Wellman, on his sofa while he tries to patch things up between Martin and Sherry. It seems that Martin is feeling guilty about getting serious with another woman again after Hester, which Frasier helps his father through so he can enjoy his date with Leslie. However, will Sherry say something inappropriate and ruin Frasier's third date.....?

Episode Title Cards
  • Hat Trick
  • A Fly In The Ointment
  • Professor Crane's Self-Delusion 101
  • He Couldn't Have Waited 'Til He Got In The House?

Episode Highlights

- Niles asks Frasier whether he has noticed that there are fewer nuts in their biscotti, yet they've gone up 25c:
Frasier: Fewer nuts, more money - something I've been aspiring to my entire professional life!

- The rest of Cafe Nervosa looks appalled as the waitress reads out the tickets for the show Frasier has bought:
Waitress: Nashville on Ice - the all skating country jamboree!
Frasier: Well, you try skating and blowing into a jug while your hearts breaking (!)

- Sherry meets a dishevelled looking Roz:
Sherry: We all have our bad days when we pass 40!
Roz [In shock, to Frasier]: What did she say ?

- At Frasier's party, Daphne tells Frasier she just found one of his guests in her room:
Daphne: He was trying on my shoes!
Frasier: An interesting piece of information - something tells me the theatre's going to be getting that new sound system!

- Niles is having no luck meeting a woman:
Niles: Her lips said no, but her eyes said 'Read my lips'!

- Roz is not overly impressed by Frasier's boast of 3 dates over the weekend:
Roz: I once had three dates on a Saturday. I still found time to defrost my refrigerator and rotate my tyres.
Frasier: I'm surprised you could rotate anything after that (!)

Frasier Online Episode Review

The show's first hour-long episode, and a wonderful one at that as it brilliantly juggles Frasier's three dates with Martin's breakup from Sherry. In true farcical fashion, each date keeps repeating itself (same music, each date admiring the view) while the way in which Sherry manages to ruin all the dates was hilarious too. Frasier's dilemma over whether to help Martin and Sherry get back together against his and Niles' better judgement was superbly handled, while the revelation that there is a CCTV camera in the aprtment building's lift led to 2 hilarious scenes involving Frasier trying to tuck in his shirt hidden behind an umbrella. This episode was shown in full in America, while over here Channel 4 (in their infinite wisdom) decided to split it over 2 weeks which meant viewers of the second half hour would be lost if they hadn't seen the first. This disappointment aside, this is a must-see episode for all Frasier fans and ranks as one of the shows's finest.


91 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 93.9%
Total Number of Reviews: 7

Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell, Dec 22, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

What a delight. Marsha Mason is one of season 4's MVPs, and it's
nice - for once - to see a recurring date involved in storylines more
than just their immediate relationship. As she gradually ruins each of
Frasier's unprecedented three dates, the script combines a raucous
comedy of errors with an ever-so-slightly-serious examination of
Frasier himself. Martin, Roz and Niles all have some very memorable
moments as they suffer through Frasier's pride at his sudden run of

This kind of episode - a double episode that remains relatively small-
scale - could only be done by a critically acclaimed series in its fourth
year, and "Frasier" handles it with aplomb. It's a sign of a well-
constructed series that you can have an hour so full of laughs, in
which every character acts unpredictably yet entirely within their
nature. Great fun.

Rating: 94%


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