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Roz's Krantz & Gouldenstein Are Dead
Episode Details

Written by: William Walker

Directed by: Jeff Melman

Original US airdate: 11th March 1997

Original UK airdate: 17th October 1997

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Bulldog .... Dan Butler
Recurring Cast
Guest Cast
Moira .... Moira
Norman .... James Earl Jones
Guest Callers
Chet .... Eric Roberts

Episode Synopsis

Frasier and Niles are driving back from a squash game when Niles spies Roz among a group of people picking up trash from the side of the road. They stop and get her attention, but Roz is embarrassed and jumps in the back of the car. She explains that she was caught speeding and after being offered a fine or community service, Roz opted for community service. She really hates picking up everyone else's rubbish, but the only other choice was helping at an old people's home, so thanks to Roz's fear of ageing, that's why she's picking up trash from the side of the road. Frasier, though, manages to convince her that she has to tackle her fear of ageing and so starts at the old people's home. Things get off to an auspicious start, though, when the first 2 people she cares for - Mr Krantz and Mr Gouldenstein - both die on her. This earns Roz the nickname of "The Angel Of Death" around the home, leaving Roz close to quitting.

Frasier persuades her to stay on, and goes down to the home with her for some moral support. Once there, she sees people run from her, but enjoys a chat with the lively Moira, who enjoys cigarettes and recently hacked in to the computer system at the home and changed the schedules so that all her sponge baths are by the dishy male nurse Eduardo. Frasier, meanwhile, strikes up a conversation with the blind patient Norman who is a regular listener to his show and, thanks to Frasier's advice, now has a cast of his late wife's face by his bedside so he can run his fingers over it and remember her by. Things take a turn for the worse, though, when Frasier manages to drop it and break off the nose.....

Episode Title Cards
  • Roz's Krantz & Gouldenstein Are Dead
  • Noses Off

Episode Highlights

- Frasier is puzzled why Roz chose to pick up litter instead of helping at an old people's home:
Niles: Well, walking the streets picking up trash - you can see how Roz would go with the familiar (!)

- Roz sees her supervisor and asks Frasier to drive off, but he refuses:
Roz: Move or your brother gets it.
Frasier: Absolutely not!
Roz: All right, then - the head rest.
Frasier: Off we go!

- Bulldog is annoyed at Roz's attitude towards guys that 'die' in bed:
Bulldog: If you chicks needed a little less booze to get from maybe to yes, maybe we'd be more alert when the moment of truth arrives!

- Martin is showing off Eddie's new trick:
Martin: Look Frase - he's practically doing a polka.
Frasier: Oh good - that should up his price when I sell him to the carnival (!)

- Niles took Maris to a wedding because he knew she'd be lonely - it's cruise season:
Niles: She never partakes, she has a fear of buffets.
Frasier: Ah, yes - the legendary smorgaphobia!

- Roz is caring for Moira, and she wants her cigarettes:
Roz: You know these things come with a warning.
Moira: So do you, dear, and I let you in.

Frasier Online Episode Review

A sweet episode that features 2 good cameos from Lois Smith and James Earl Jones - in particular, Jones' performance as blind Norman is quite affecting when he reveals he keeps a face cast of his wife by his bed to remember her by. Both he and Lois Smith as Moira play characters with a wonderful outlook on life, making the most of the time they have left. While never overtly hilarious, it is an amusing, enjoyable and quite touching episode.


75 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 85.0%
Total Number of Reviews: 8

A softer tone, but worth it, Dec 11, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

This episode is certainly not one of "Frasier"s gut-bustingly funny
installments, but I ended up really liking this soft tale of fears and
old age. The story starts out deceptively, with Roz's community
service seeming like an amusing subplot. However, once Frasier
and Roz arrive at the retirement home, it becomes clear that this
is going to be a different sort of story.

One thing I enjoy about "Frasier" is that it oftens seems like a
stage play. Of course, multi-camera sitcoms have their origins in
theatre, but - more than most - this is a sitcom that can rely on
the acting chops of the cast, to create works that are slightly
more challenging to the formula. Much of the episode centres on
two conversations. In one, Lois Smith gives Roz some insight
about ageing: some hopeful, some slightly more wistful. It's a
nice, natural tale.

The other is the stronger one, as James Earl Jones - playing a
blind widower - bonds with Frasier. It's a surprisingly sweet story,
very well-acted by those involved. It probably felt a bit strange to
the studio audience, and perhaps it feels strange if you just catch
it on TV, when you expect some of the series' more traditional
farce. That's the great thing about having the DVD ten years after
the series, however: what may have been an anomaly when
viewed as the only episode of the week, these little side-trips
become intriguing additions to the series' varied palette. A
touching little tale.

Rating: 86%


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