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Fool Me Once, Shame On You, Fool Me Twice...
Episode Details

Written by: Christopher Lloyd

Directed by: Philip Charles Mackenzie

Original US airdate: 7th February 1995

Original UK airdate: 29th September 1995

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Guest Cast
Phil .... Nathan Lane
Heather .... Joan McMurtrey
Priest .... Bernard Kuby
Customer in cafe .... Karen Person
Cop .... James Willett
Waiter .... Paul Cusimano
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

Niles is complaining to Frasier in Cafe Nervosa that people aren't very curteous anymore when Roz appears to give Frasier a tape he and Martin are planning to watch. However, Roz doesn't want to sit next to Niles as all he ever does is make snide comments at her. Frasier says they should sort it out once and for all, which they do while Frasier gets her a coffee. When he returns however, someone has stolen his briefcase from under his chair. Niles thinks he sees a man about to leave with it, so Frasier confronts him but it turns out to be a priest with a similar looking case. Frasier appeals to his listeners on his show for any information on his case, and someone rings in after the show who has found the case so Frasier arranges to meet him at the Cafe Nervosa. Once there, Niles questions why he agreed to meet a man with Frasier's spare car keys at a place he would arrive in his car. Frasier dismisses his mistrust - only to then see his car being driven off down the road!

Frasier is seeing his inherent belief in the goodness in people being torn to shreds, but Martin and Niles just can't help but laugh at Frasier's situation. The next day however, a lady called Denise calls Frasier at KACL thanking him for the previous night, her first time of sleeping with a man, but Frasier has no idea what she is talking about until she mentions she only saw his BMW driving away in the morning. Realising the thief is now impersonating him, Frasier takes advantage of the fact that Denise can't meet 'Frasier' at Alberto's and goes instead, hoping to finally catch him. Frasier is in luck - Phil arrives wearing one of Frasier's suits and tries to escape, but Frasier tries to talk to him about why he does what he does at which point Phil reveals he is a lazy criminal - just doing minor thefts, etc. He even calls the police for Frasier, so Frasier tries to convince Phil not to take the easy option and own up to what he did to the police. At that moment, the police arrive to arrest the person impersonating Frasier, and of course the real Frasier has no identification....

Episode Title Cards
  • A Brief Case Of Love

Episode Highlights

- Niles reveals he is trying to be more handy:
Niles: Tonight, I tackle the squeaky hasp on my cigar humordor.
Frasier: Be sure to wear your hernia belt (!).

- Roz gives an example of the snide comments Niles makes:
Roz: Well, last week you said my bedroom was easier to get into than a community college

- Frasier is on hold as Martin arrives after Frasier's briefcase was stolen:
Frasier: So tell me how stupid I was to get taken advantage of that way - it's certainly better than listening to Jumping Jack Flash arranged for piano and flute!

- Daphne's speech about the goodness of people when she first arrived in London, which ends with the line:
Daphne: This tiny little man came up to me with a note in his hand. I can still remember what I said to him: "That's not how you spell fellatio".

- After Niles says every time he meets a beautiful woman he melts after he looks into their eyes:
Frasier: Soon, you'll be home with Maris and you can forget you were ever near a beautiful woman.

- Phil questions how Frasier knew where to meet him:
Frasier: Well, a certain Denise called and said she couldn't meet you here.
Phil: Great, and I put on my best suit.
Frasier: No - you put on MY best suit!

Frasier Online Episode Review

A fairly ho-hum episode that struggles to make the most of a promising storyline - someone stealing Frasier's identity which shakes his belief in the goodness of people. There were some nice bits such as Niles and Roz finding a level they can co-exist, and Frasier's reaction to Phil showing him he had hemmed Frasier's suit trousers with staples. However, I wish more had been made of the excellent Nathan Lane as well as finding a sharper script.


78 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 74.5%
Total Number of Reviews: 2

An odd 'star turn', Nov 29, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Sitcoms often run aground when they cast big names. The tendency
to just give some shtick to the guest star often gets in the way of
the story. I don't really think that was the case here - assumedly
Nathan Lane was cast after the script was written - but it sure feels
like the plot is so single-minded that it's just racing to get to their
final confrontation. There are a lot of classic moments for Frasier
Crane here, including his distrust of a priest at Cafe Nervosa, and
Kelsey Grammer - as always - sure sells his growing discomfort as
Seattle turns against him, assuming him to be an impostor. But the
storyline never sparkles, with the best moments being the
interactions between Roz and Niles: a great pairing that I wish the
writers had done more with in later years, as their early bickering is

Rating: 70%


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