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Slow Tango In South Seattle
Episode Details

Written by: Martin Weiss

Directed by: James Burrows

Original US airdate: 20th September 1994

Original UK airdate: 30th June 1995

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Gil Chesterton .... Edward Hibbert
Guest Cast
Thomas Jay Fallow .... John O'Hurley
Clarice .... Constance Towers
Mrs Warner .... Myra Carter
Amber Edwards .... Susan Brown
Date .... David Sederholm
Guest Callers
Steven .... James Spader

Episode Synopsis

Frasier is outraged when he is introduced to an extremely popular book that all the women, including Roz and Daphne, seem to be reading. It seems that the book was written by a man who had been a patient of Frasier's. In the course of the man's therapy, Frasier had told him a story drawn from his own past, and the writer has used Frasier's story as the basis for his book. Frasier feels betrayed and violated, especially since the story of his sexual initiation when he was a sensitive 18-year old taking piano lessons from a very attractive older (forty-ish) woman. Ultimately, with Niles's help, Frasier realizes that he is troubled because he never said goodbye to the woman. So he tracks he down and says all the things he should have said so long ago without realizing he is talking to her mother....

Episode Title Cards
  • Slow Tango In South Seattle
  • He Was Not Yet A Man, Yet Oh So Much More Than A Boy
  • The Tears It Takes A Summer Wind To Dry...
  • I Feel Older Since His Shadow Left My Door

Episode Highlights

- With reference to the book:
Frasier: I spent most of my time helping him get over his writer's block - next time I'll be careful to use my powers for good not evil.

- Looking at a picture of Niles and Maris, with Maris in a jockey's outfit:
Martin: Maris hasn't taken up horse backing has she?
Niles: No, she wanted to but her quadraceps are so tight she can't straddle anything larger than a border collie.

- With reference to Frasier's experiences in the book:
Daphne: It's about his first time.
Frasier: Thank you Daphne (!)
Niles: Your first time doing what?

- Daphne is recalling some of the books finest moments:
: ... and how you used to call your chest hair your rug of love.

- After learning of Frasier's encounters in his piano lessons:
Martin: This wasn't going on during your lessons too, was it?
Niles: No, you'll be happy to know that while Frasier was getting his Rachmaninov's, I was learning to play the piano.

Frasier: Look at you - you look incredible.
Clarisse: Well sure - compared to my mother (!)

Frasier Online Episode Review

Not a great episode of Frasier - much of the laughs seem half hearted. The best bits are Daphne hitting Frasier when she has read a part she didn't like, and right at the end when Frasier makes Clarisse's mother believe they had an affair. However, overall, not a great season opener.


73 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 86.0%
Total Number of Reviews: 6

Enjoyable if slight, Nov 24, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

A very enjoyable little episode, in which Frasier's youthful sexual indiscretions come back to haunt him.

"Slow Tango" is an odd choice for a season opener, as it feels quite atypical for the series, and feels more like one of the fluff episodes you'd find mid-season. Still, it makes a good deal out of the various characters' responses to Frasier's deflowering, and gives a good mix of workplace and home. The final sequences, as Frasier tracks down his former lover, are funny in a soft way.

Still, you'd almost expect the series to make more of the absurdism of Frasier's life being public knowledge in book form, and it feels incomplete. John O'Hurley puts in a good performance as the writer, shortly before he would be cast in his career-defining role as "Seinfeld"'s Peterman.

Rating: 75%


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