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The Doctor Is Out
Episode Details

Written by: Joe Keenan

Directed by: David Lee

Original US airdate: 30th September 2003

Original UK airdate: 4th February 2004

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Gil Chesterton .... Edward Hibbert
Guest Cast
Alistair Burke .... Patrick Stewart
Ginka .... Caroline Lagerfelt
Barry .... David Muller
Eduardo .... Donald Sage Mackay
Waitress .... Amita Balla
Bar Patron .... David Jahm
Servant .... Adrian D'Mante
Clive .... Michael Sean McGuinness
Guest Callers
Kevin .... Benjamin Bratt

Episode Synopsis

Roz introduces Frasier, Niles and Martin to her new boyfriend Barry in Cafe Nervosa but Frasier and Niles pick up on the fact that he goes to the gym and he likes shopping for clothes, and deduce that he must be gay. Martin, of course, wholeheartedly disagrees and tells Roz as much. She, as you would expext, tells Frasier that he is just guilty of lazy sterotyping, and he apologises - but the Crane brothers both think they are still correct in their judgement. While all this happening, Frasier and Niles spy Alistair Burke - the head of the Seattle Opera Guild - at the counter and quickly introduce themselves to him, telling him they cannot wait to see his latest production.

After their squash game, Niles and Frasier are walking home, with Frasier wearing a pair of Niles' shorts as his had split and which look incredibly tight on him. Niles is in a hurry to get him as he said he was at a conference to avoid going to a flower show with Daphne and her mother, but they then see Barry about to pass them and worry that Roz has told him what they thought about him. However, looking up again expecting to meet Barry, the street is deserted. They think he has gone into Bad Billy's, a gay bar, so Frasier decides to go in and confront him leaving Niles outside. The guys inside thebar are obviously interested in a guy wearing very tight shorts, and Frasier is equally surprised to see his french polisher Eduardo serving at the bar (although Eduardo isn't so surprised to see Frasier!). Frasier asks Eduardo if he has seen a guy fitting Barry's description and is told he's in the bathroom, so he decides to wait. Outside, Barry comes out of the house next to Bad Billy's and sees Niles, who then rushes into Bad Billy's and gets Frasier to leave - leaving everyone inside thinking that Frasier has picked up Niles!

The following day on Frasier's show, a caller 'outs' Frasier by telling his listeners that he was at Bad Billy's the previous night, leaving Frasier no choice but to try and explain what he was doing there, but somehow ends up making it worse. This is followed by Gil comforting Frasier on his unexpected 'outing', and a chance encounter with Alistair Burke at Cafe Nervosa who also heard about his 'outing' and tries to make him feel better about his experience by inviting him to the backstage party for his new play - something that leaves Niles rather envious about. Frasier and Alistair's relationship develops over the following week but it isn't long before Frasier has to face up to the fact that Alistair thinks they are more than just friends........

Episode Title Cards
  • The Doctor Is Out
  • The Queerness Of You

Episode Highlights

- Frasier picks up on signs that Barry may be gay:
Frasier: One wonders what's been in Barry's closet a little too long (!)

- Frasier and Niles think Barry may have gone into 'Bad Billys':
Niles: I wonder what kind of place that is?
Frasier: Well, let's see - Tuesday is leather night, so it's probably some kind of shoe outlet (!)

- Frasier ventures into 'Bad Billys' looking for Barry:
Frasier: Excuse me, I'm looking for a guy.
Bar Patron: Yeah, I kinda got that from the shorts!

- Roz can't believe Frasier thought Barry went into 'Bad Billys':
Roz: You know what Barry was doing from 10 o'clock to midnight last night?
Frasier: What?
Roz: Me, that's what!

- Niles heard Frasier's 'outing' and is grateful he didn't mention his name:
Niles: You could have ratted me out to Daphne, but instead you protected me. Just like a big sister should (!)

- Niles is jealous that Alistair asked Frasier to his post-performance party:
Martin: Let's see - one of my sons just got picked up by a guy, my other son is jealous. Yep - life is good (!)

- Frasier is adamant Alistair sees him as just a friend:
Frasier: He does not think I'm gay!
Niles: He thinks I'm gay, and I'm standing next to my pregnant wife!!

- Alistair can't believe how good the food Frasier has cooked tastes:
Alistair: Is there anything this man can't do?
Niles: Time will tell (!!!)

Frasier Online Episode Review

One of the best things about Joe Keenan returning to the 'Frasier' staff was the prospect of him writing another episode, and he duly delivers here - and delivers in spades. This is a very fine episode that goes straight for the comedy jugglar, and features a great performance from Patrick Stewart as Alistair Burke and an equally fine one from Kelsey Grammer - for once he doesn't get overshadowed by David Hyde Pierce or John Mahoney. I loved his scene in 'Bad Billys' and his insistence that he doesn't need to tell Alistair that he's straight, not to mention the fact that 3 weeks on Capri in Bertolucci's villa nearly made him change his mind! Perhaps Frasier's treatment of Gil was a bit harsh after his 'outing ', but this is a minor quibble in a wonderfully funny episode that ranks up there with some of the show's finest.


88 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 93.8%
Total Number of Reviews: 20

Miss Marple, you've just been outed, May 27, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

A sharply written script, "The Doctor Is Out" perhaps is the least of Joe Keenan's "gay trilogy" but that's only because the other two are so brilliant.

The episode is stuffed to the brim with delightful comic wordplay, with fantastic cast interplay (particularly between the three Cranes), and surely one of the funniest mistaken identity/poor-choice-of-words gags Kelsey Grammer has ever been asked to perform. His radio confession is really something else, and it leads to Martin's equally funny treatise on how to tell people you're not even curious about coffee. (Martin's suspicion that Barry isn't gay because he has muscles is perhaps a touch "season 1" of the character, but I'm being picky.) The casting of Patrick Stewart is stunt casting of the highest order, but it's actually very clever. Stewart brings such a personality with him that we understand the character ("He staged a Philip Glass opera last year and no-one left!") in the space of his very short introductory scene. Stewart is a game performer, and has a lot of fun with the double entendre and general hilarity that ensues. But what makes "The Doctor Is Out" particularly memorable is that it feels like the genuine climax of something we've seen in Frasier Crane since very early on (probably the series' sixth episode, "The Crucible", to be precise). He has always been a man willing to sell himself out for ambition, fame, and desire. Moreso, he has always been a man willing to enter deep denial to do so. This is the logical extreme of that side of his character, as Frasier rejects Niles' and Martin's please to "in" himself, and ultimately leads to one of Kelsey Grammer's greatest non-verbal moments in the series, as he considers what exactly he would do for three weeks in Capri.

A few other thoughts: Edward Hibbert as always has great fun with the character of Gil, who's a natural fit for this episode. The tag basically confirms the (non-existent) question of whether he's gay, and I enjoy Hibbert's scenes here but - in my recurring list of "things I wished happened in the show's final season" - it denies us much real exploration of the character, which could have been interesting. On the flipside of that, although it's never mentioned, I can't help wondering if Frasier's excessive interest in Roz's boyfriend Barry (shades of "The New Friend"?) is because he feels particularly protective of her in the aftermath of their recent fight? (No, you shout at me, it's all part of the farce!)

I'm not sure "The Doctor Is Out" reaches a climax as hysterically funny as "The Matchmaker", nor does its farce transcend into something as emotionally sincere as "Out with Dad". Yet, it's still rather lovely and definitely a very fun half-hour of television. One can't help imagine that in less-tolerant parts of the Western world, a newcomer to "Frasier" could turn on the TV, gaze at these two main characters, and quickly turn off, assuming they were watching a "gay program". It's very funny on the occasions when the series chooses to openly comment on this (although here it's restricted mostly to the surprise at Daphne's existence, and Frasier's insistence that he shouldn't need to discuss his sexuality). Ultimately, "The Doctor Is Out" is a delectable "Frasier" episode, proving that a series in its 11th year is by no means down and out.

Rating: 90%


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