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Crock Tales
Episode Details

Written by: Jon Sherman & Bob Daily

Directed by: Sheldon Epps

Original US airdate: 4th May 2004

Original UK airdate: 16th June 2004

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Crane .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Kenny Daly .... Tom McGowan
Guest Cast
Lisbeth .... Rosie Perez
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

Frasier is in the kitchen making dinner for Niles, Daphne, Martin and Roz when a piece of an earthenware crock pot, currently holding utensils and the like, breaks off in his hand. As Frasier heads for the rubbish bin with it, it triggers off some memories of the past 11 years in Seattle...


Martin is mending the broken earthenware crock pot with superglue as Frasier prepares to meet a friend of Roz's - Lisbeth - who she thinks he'll hit it off with. Daphne and a sunburnt Niles also drop by after their honeymoon in Tahiti, but Martin's superglue leads to a sticky situation between Frasier and Lisbeth....


Despite it being her birthday, a rather depressed Roz arrives at Frasier's so Daphne tries to cheer her up. Niles also drops by, with Martin soon learning that he and Daphne had just slept together. Roz is shocked as well when Daphne tells her all about her and Niles' adventures in bed, but Frasier has to hurridly find him a gift for Roz as he has forgotten to buy on - the earthenware crock pot.


It's the 4th of July, and Frasier is dressed up as Uncle Sam for the KACL 4th of July parade float, while Daphne is clad in polyseter for some of her English friends 'Ugly Americans' party. Niles arrives to accompany his brother, but the 3 of them end up on the balcony when Frasier notices his bunting is adroop and end up being locked out when the door handle comes away in Daphne's hand. They try to attract Martin's attention but he is wearing the headphones Frasier gave him to watch TV - and are joined by Roz who rushes out to join them without realising they are locked out....


It's Thanksgiving and with Niles going through his divorce and Frasier out of work, the pair are enjoying a bottle of wine, accompanied by some snacks which include the cheese in the earthen ware crock pot. Meanwhile, Roz is telling Frasier that she's found a job which, as he later discovers, is as a phone sex operator, while Daphne fears that Frasier is about to fire her...


Frasier is excited about his relationship with a woman named Evelyn Greeble, while Niles has calmed Maris down after he inadvertently asked her: "Why the long face?". Roz drops by after a good date, and Martin offers her some cheese from the earthenware crock pot only to discover that no-one had opened it in the 3 years since he got it.


Soon after Martin has moved in with Frasier, and Eddie is still staring at him, Niles drops by to give Daphne some Lemon biscuits form the UK. She inadvertently starts calling him Miles Crane, until Frasier corrects her. Martin, however doesn't want the meal Frasier's prepared and has ordered in pizza instead. Martin has also bought an earthenware crock pot filled with cheese to replace Frasier's gourmet cheese he inadvertently threw away.

Episode Title Cards
  • Crock Tales

Episode Highlights


- Niles offers Lisbeth a glass of wine:
Lisbeth: Just half a glass with some club soda - you know how I love my spritzer!

- It seems Lisbeth had a 'safety word' with Roz if she didn't like Frasier too:
Lisbeth: Meeting you was just 'super'!

- Lisbeth and Frasier's hands seem to be stuck together:
Frasier: What kind of glue were you using on that pot?
Martin: Super (!)



- Roz is complaining she used to have fun on her birthday, but now she has dinner:
Frasier: There's nothing wrong with dinner!
Roz: I know, but it used to come with sex

- Daphne is telling Roz about the amazing sex she had last night with Niles:
Daphne: I tell you, he's spolit me for any other man.
Roz: Frasier's brother Niles (?!)



- Frasier notices the bunting on his balcony is drooping:
Daphne: You're not going to send me back to the Space Needle with binoculars and a walkie talkie, are you?

- Niles finds his cellphone to help call for help but puts it away again when Daphne starts stripping off becuase it's too hot.



- Martin inadvertently answers one of Roz's phone sex calls, and is asked what he's wearing:
Martin: I don't know - brown pants and a plaid shirt.



- Niles has calmed Maris down after Frasier upset her:
Frasier: All I said was "Maris, why the long face?"
Niles: Yes, and now she's on the phone to her chin grinder in Zurich!



- Niles tells Frasier Maris has taken to her bed:
Niles: This large earring fad has compressed her spine!

Frasier Online Episode Review

The penultimate episode of the show, and a terrific one at that as it deliciously takes the concept of the flashback show, and instead of showing clips from previous episodes (see 'Analyzing The Laughter' for that) it creates 'new' flashbacks from moments in Frasier's life over the last 11 years in Seattle. This is a brilliant concept that works superbly, much helped by the production team taking us on a trip back through time with the changing hairstyles of Roz and Daphne, and subtle changes to Frasier's apartment too, as well as a script that made all the little vignettes amusing with some great touches such as working in some new Maris jokes and even an appearance by Kenny in the 1993 story as the pizza delivery guy. Although long term Frasier fans will get the most out of it, this is an episode that yet again marks the show out as head and shoulders above other sitcoms.


87 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 79.5%
Total Number of Reviews: 11

Sherry? What an intriguing idea., Jun 12, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Mel

As I look back on my reviews of this series, I hope the show's writers never read them and mistake my intention. Every episode of this series is, in some way, a marvel. After a writing period that is never long enough, each script is cast and prepared in a very short space of time. Sometimes guest stars are only cast in the days (or hours) before the first table read (as was the case of Scott Atkinson, whose accent in "The Two Mrs Cranes" was atrocious, but who was a great performer and was cast at the last minute). Then, in only one week, the cast and crew rehearse and film the entire thing. A pretty marvelous achievement. I've also warmed much more to the second half of season 11 on this rewatch. I've realised now that the reason it prioritises Frasier so much at the cost of the other 4 characters is because they've already reached their states of grace; he's still pining for a life he's longed for for so long.

With that in mind, and the finale just around the corner, "Crock Tales" is a purely indulgent episode - as reasonably meaningless to the current continuity of the series as "Detour" was to the show's themes. But after 11 years, this series has earned our indulgence, and it's great fun to take a trip down memory lane (or a reasonable facsimile of it!)

In 2003, Niles and Daph return from their honeymoon while Frasier squares off against Rosie Perez (the only guest star of the episode!). In 2002, Daph wears an odd wig but she and Niles prove delightful as frisky, post-coital lovers. In 1999, Kelsey Grammer looks hysterical as Uncle Sam and the sequence where the gang just hangs out on the balcony is very cute. In 1998 and 1996, we're reminded of so many of the series' long-forgotten running gags: Daphne's mother's phone calls, Niles and Roz bantering, Maris stories, and classic Frasier/Martin disagreements. Everyone gets to shine here, particularly David Hyde Pierce who enjoys playing up the more mannered elements of Niles' persona that he gradually evolved away from. He gets most of my favourite line readings, including his snotty little voice when whining about the Shangri-La, and the desperate, "I don't want air, I want Daphne!"

"Crock Tales" also plays on many of the series' common formulas: Frasier on a bad date, Frasier on a bad date he thinks is good ("You'd better get used to the name Evelyn Griebel"), mistaken identities and meanings, and the desperation of these characters in times of need. Like the poignancy of "Guns 'N' Neuroses", this episode will have minimal impact on first-time viewers, but has much resonance for those of us who have grown with the series. Whether it's seeing the characters as they once were - Daphne's horrible outfits, and the hairpieces of various degrees of success - or just enjoying the layered ironies of a line like 1993's "this is the last time I try to make a nice dinner for these people!".

There are a fair number of minor discontinuities throughout, such as Roz meeting Martin or the question of Niles and Daphne's sex life. But this episode isn't about reducing the characters to an online timeline. It's a truly sweet reminder of all the reasons we've come to love the extended Crane clan, and of why they still bring joy to our lives a decade later.

Rating: 87%


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