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And Frasier Makes Three
Episode Details

Written by: Sam Johnson

Directed by: Scott Ellis

Original US airdate: 20th April 2004

Original UK airdate: 2nd June 2004

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Ronee Lawrence .... Wendie Malick
Charlotte .... Laura Linney
Frank .... Aaron Eckhart
Guest Cast
Steve .... Chris Diamantopoulos
George .... Michael Des Barres
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

Niles joins Frasier at Cafe Nervosa, but Frasier doesn't want to hear about Niles' day - he is meeting Charlotte for lunch where he intends to fight for her by presenting himself as the opposite of her current boyfriend Frank, or the "anti-Frank" as Frasier describes it. Charlotte arrives and goes to call Frank, telling Frasier that everything's fine between them now, prompting to Frasier to take direct action. He has a hunt through Charlotte's bag, despite Niles protestations, to see if he can find anything that might give him the edge over Frank and thinks he's found the answer in a book of Irish literature. He hurridly rearranges his date with Charlotte to dinner, and goes off to brush up on his Irish literature. Charlotte is suitably impressed with the effort Frasier has gone to for what she thinks is a business dinner, including fresh flowers, but then Frank shows up at the restaurant to get the keys to their apartment from Charlotte. He then notices the great wine Frasier has selected, so Charlotte invites him to stay for a glass - to Frasier's (well-hiden) annoyance. Frasier then tries to impress Charlotte with his new found knowledge of Irish literature - only to discover that it was Frank who gave Charlotte the book, and she hasn't made much of a dent in it - before Frank decides to stay for dinner as he thinks all three of them are having fun.

This situation continues the following week as Frasier, Charlotte and Frank go wine-tasting, beach-combing and a for a horse drawn carraige ride, with Frank not finding Frasier a potential rival for Charlotte's affections, before Frasier finally gets Charlotte to himself after Frank injurew himself during one of their hikes, and he decides to take the opportunity to cook her a fabulous meal and tell her how he feels. All is going well - Frasier is even giving Charlotte a massage - when Frank comes home, and just sees Frasier as a good friend making Charlotte dinner, and asks Frasier to give him a massage too! This sparks off an argument between Charlotte and Frank with Frasier sitting uncomfortably in the middle, but just at the point that Frank storms out, he drags Frasier out with him as he says he needs his buddy! Frasier returns some time later after Frank decides to climb a tree, and after Charlotte says it's over between her and Frank, Frasier finally admits to Charlotte his feelings for her - to which Charlotte responds she's been thinking about him a little too, which leads to them spending the night together. The next morning, as Frasier is bringing Charlotte breakfast in bed, Frank arrives and thinks nothing of seeing Frasier in his robe. As Frasier gets dressed, Charlotte tells Frank that she thinks the relationship isn't working and also that she has bought the old business back from her ex, and is moving back to Chicago - but she doesn't have the time or the heart to tell Frasier that she's moving just yet..... Meanwhile, Martin gets Ronee her engagement ring (which turns out to be a toe ring confiscated from the obese rapper Lil' Cupid), and Roz dates a convict.

Episode Title Cards
  • Menage A Huh?

  • Lord Of The Ring

Episode Highlights

- Steve is telling Roz the guys on his floor all liked Roz's voice, which she presumes means the guys in college:
Steve: It wan't exactly college, more like prison.
Roz: So was mine - so where'd you go?
Steve: Prison.

- Frasier thinks learning about Irish literature will help him win over Charlotte:
Frasier: There's one are where no one has ever bested me - homework!

- Charlotte and Frank can't decide which DVD to watch so they let Frasier choose:
Frasier: 'Perfect Storm' or 'When Harry Met Sally'? I guess I'm gonna have to go with 'When Harry Met Sally'.
Frank: Yes!!

- Frasier is letting Niles and Daphne have his pair of opera tickets:
Niles: If you'd gotten a third, you could have taken that couple you've been dating. (!)

- After seeing Martin's engagement ring for Ronee, Daphne remarks that Lil' Cupid is the obese rapper who was recently arrested:
Niles: Where did you get this ring?
Martin: At an auction........ a police auction.

- Frasier is stuck in the middle of Charlotte and Frank's fight:
Charlotte: I think you should leave.
Frank: Fine - come on Frasier, let's go!

Frasier Online Episode Review

Frasier attempts to appeal to Charlotte by offering himself as the opposite of Frank, but Frank's inability to see him as a threat and instead treat him as just a buddy is the source of much of the laughs in this entertaining episode. I particularly liked the scene in the restaurant when Frasier starts talking French to the waiter as a way of saying something without Frank understanding - only for Frank to chime in in fluent French too! The subplot about Martin's engagement ring for Ronee was rather amusing too - good to hear another namecheck for Sherry, and I liked the fact we saw Lil' Cupid in the tag scene over the credits too. Good script and good performances all round make this yet another above average episode.


81 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 78.0%
Total Number of Reviews: 2

Flour the beef, Jun 01, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

You know, it's funny to think that the final season of "Frasier" went out at the same time as the first season of "Arrested Development". If that show represented the start of something new, "Frasier" was surely the end of the era for the neo-classic sitcom. Rewatching this show is warm and fuzzy, but also an exercise in the slightly hokey premise of a studio-bound comedy being beautifully realised with a talent cast and writers so in tune with their characters. All of which is to say that I very much enjoy the (slight-but-important) main plot of this episode, but have some serious problems with the structure.

Frasier is falling quickly for Charlotte the matchmaker but, unfortunately, her handsome, rugged boyfriend Frank is always there. No man wants to compete with Aaron Eckhart, and I particularly enjoy Niles' snide jokes about Frasier being the "anti-Frank". The script does a neat about-turn by having Frank be almost more fitting than Charlotte as a romantic possibility. Given that Charlotte is the final love interest of the entire series, it's fair to make Frasier work for it, and to develop a believable series of obstacles in his path. So, there's a good deal of humour in seeing not just that Frank doesn't realise Frasier's feelings, but that he cannot even imagine Frasier as a sexual threat. (The laugh when Frank doesn't even get it after he finds Frasier in a robe... in bed with Charlotte... is joyous.)

Still, by deliberately keeping Charlotte and Frasier apart, the script does a serious disservice to the relationshp. Sure, we know they're meant to be together because this is a sitcom and Laura Linney is radiant, but it's still an unusual way to treat an important romance. Still, their ultimate conversation has some true poignancy and the reveal that Charlotte is moving back to Chicago, while a little manufactured, allows us one final obstacle in Frasier's path. He's going into next week's episode one step behind the audience, which is another unusual step that I think works... but I'm just not sure.

The lengthy sequences of Frank not figuring out the truth are funny, but they do leave two subplots gasping for air (and, I assume, heavily cut in both cases). Roz decides to date handsome Chris Diamantopoulos, who fell in love with her sultry voice while behind bars. (Roz defends the decision: "I don't know any guy who isn't a little fascinated by fire".) Meanwhile, Martin typically decides to use the same ring he was going to use for Sherry, and gets convinced to buy a new one. Unfortunately, he chooses one from a police auction - a former toe ring that has an inscription on the inside. Both subplots are played well by the actors but both just fizzle out. They're stand-in scenes for the main cast while the series acknowledges that, yes, it's a talented bunch but they've all achieved their aims: the show needs to focus on getting Frasier to an endpoint. I guess that's legitimate. The show could have told developing stories for all five characters this year, or it could parcel out the character growth one by one, bringing us back full circle to the initial developments Frasier Crane faced back at the start of the first season. So I guess I'm being churlish by complaining too much, but I kinda wish that if the show was going to give token scenes to the cast, it could give token scenes to the cast as a whole, not things that felt like seeds of plot but go nowhere.

Rating: 79%


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