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Caught In The Act
Episode Details

Written by: Joe Keenan

Directed by: Kelsey Grammer

Original US airdate: 24th February 2004

Original UK airdate: 28th April 2004

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Crane .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Alice Doyle .... Ashley Thomas
Guest Cast
Nanette "Nanny G" Guzman .... Laurie Metcalf
Kangaroo .... Robert Towers
Panda .... Jody Ashworth
Bunny No. 1 .... Larry Cedar
Bunny No. 2 .... John Lathan
Donald Burwell .... Don McManus
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

Roz joins Frasier, Niles and Martin at Cafe Nervosa and tells them she had been queuing for tickets for the children's entertainer Nanny G's stage show, but they sold out just as she got to the window. Niles thinks Frasier should be able to help, prompting Frasier to reveal to Roz that Nanny G was his first wife, so they pop along to a book signing she is holding to try and get tickets to her show for Alice. Nanny G is delighted to see Frasier, but m after getting all the children and their parents to cover their eyes during a song she let's her feelings for Frasier be known to him by kissing him passionately. This stirs mixed feelings in Frasier, but he invites her to his apartment anyway, but she is not alone when she arrives - she has brought along her manager and husband Donald too! Nanny G explains to Frasier that it's just a marriage of convenience and that she wants to see him after her show so they can rekindle their passion for each other. This leaves Frasier in a bit of a moral quandry, but decides to say no and visits her before the show to tell her just that. Nanny G takes Frasier down to the basement where she has to preprare for the show where their passions get the better of each other, leading to Frasier ending up making an impromptu appearance in the stage show as a baby.....!

Episode Title Cards
  • Where The Wild Things Are

  • Bright Lights, Big Problem

Episode Highlights

- Niles joins Frasier and Martin carrying a bag from Gap:
Frasier: The Gap, Niles - I didn't know you shopped there?
Niles: I just discovered it. Apparently, there are a number of them!

- After Martin has regaled Frasier with his stories of passion with Ronee that weekend:
Daphne: Where have you been? You missed your massage this weekend.
Martin: That's what she thinks!!

- Using 'hug' as code for sex, Frasier is telling Roz about the last time he and Nanny G met:
Frasier: Last time we met, she wanted to have a reumion 'hug' but I was still married to Lilith and settling for my weekly 'handshake'!

- After Martin witnesses his son and Nanny G in a passionate embrace:
Daphne: Isn't that the children's entertainer?
Martin: Yeah - Spongebob Hotpants!

- In possibly the best line of the entire season, Nanny G tells Frasier she is bored of being a children's entertainer:
Nanny G: Do you know what it's like to play the same character for 20 years !!!!!

- Donald receives some bad news about one of the actors in the show:
Donald: Mr Bunny's using again!

- Frasier is trying to convince Niles that sleeping with Nanny G is the right thing to do:
Niles: Did you say something? Your penis was talking so loud I couldn't hear!

- Frasier dressed as a baby in Nanny G's stage show

Frasier Online Episode Review

This is yet another very funny Joe Keenan scripted episode that is by turns hilarious, silly and quite rude in places (who ever thought we would hear the word 'penis' eminating from Niles' mouth?). It benefits hugely from an excellent turn by Laurie Metcalf as Nanny G, a part originally played in 'Cheers' by Emma Thompson. She was always one of the best things about one of my other favourite US sitcoms 'Roseanne', and it was great to see her on our screens again and making the most of the material before her. There's also a fantastically ironic line about Nanny G having played the same character for the last 20 years (an obvious reference to how long Kelsey Grammer has played Frasier) and a nice running joke about Daphne ruining a particularly expensive jumper Niles has just bought. This is helps to make this episode in to a supremely enjoyable one, which ends perfectly with the sight of Frasier dressed up as a big baby (complete with nappy and dummy).


82 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 95.4%
Total Number of Reviews: 13

Orphans get all the breaks, May 30, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

My favourite episode of season 11, "Caught in the Act" is hysterical from start to finish, with a final act of epic comedic scope.

As Nanny G, Frasier's first wife (seen once on "Cheers" and once on "Frasier", and referenced occasionally in the series), Laurie Metcalf is an absolute coup of casting. Metcalf is of course a sitcom veteran but also a highly-trained Broadway actress, and she brings all of these attributes to the performance. While it's of course sad not to have Emma Thompson reprising the role, Metcalf makes you forget any such woes straight away. She so believably fills out the role of a children's performer, but at the same time is comfortably cast as the slightly bitter, lustful husk of a woman she has become. The clever script is one of the series' most delightfully dirtiest, from Niles reading Nanny G's track listing to Frasier's sly "weekly handshake" joke. As someone from Australia, I don't have any concerns about risque humour anyway, but it's particularly appropriate for this episode. Season 11 has analysed how Frasier's loneliness has reached an all-time high, and we'll see for the remainder of the season how much he is pining for love. But of course he's also pining for sexual affection, and this episode is a pinnacle of Frasier's rampaging lust. "Caught in the Act" creates such simple but implacable barriers between two people who just want to get their rocks off: a meek husband, a busybody family, and a career and schedule that waits for no man. It also makes perfect sense that Frasier and Nanny G would fall into that pattern: they're acquainted as sexual partners, are both reaching points in their lives when they are not being satisfied, and bring out a reminder of youth in each other. There's plenty of grand humour throughout, from "SpongeBob Hotpants" to Roz's "next time you say something like that, cover MY ears!", and Daphne's subplot as she destroys Niles' happiness along with his sweater. The best line reading must surely go to Kelsey Grammer for his chagrined "no hugs for Frasier". There's a decent little sincere moment where Niles rationally tries to talk Frasier out of committing adultery, which shows this series' usual maturity approaching such subjects. However, by explaining that the marriage is one of convenience, the series has given us enough of an ethical loophole to - if we so choose - ignore this. It's nice to see Ashley Thomas as Alice again, and give Roz a chance to show off her mothering skills now that she has a school-age child. (The structure of the episode caters to the cast dynamic very nicely, I must say.) And of course the audience goes wild for the most meta joke in the series' 11 years, even if one suspects that they would have had to be warned of this for any newcomers or tour groups in the audience.

When this episode's plot was first announced, I was surprised by the decision of a retiring series bringing back a very minor character from its past. Yet, the comparison of Nanny and Frasier ties right into the season's themes, and allows this to be one of the series' trademark "Frasier almost gets some" episodes while also being both an enjoyable character piece and a sidesplitting tale. It's all leading up to that magnificent final setpiece, filmed on location at a Theater in Los Angeles, in which Nanny prepares for her show. The sequence is surprisingly lengthy but carries with it a frantic comic pace. Frasier's lust quickly subsumes his ethics, Nanny has a wonderfully believable collapse, and then - with the very funny line "For the children!" - we're off. The music is spot on, Metcalf brings an incredible energy to the part, and the comic imagery of everything that happens on stage makes this a surefire win. (Grammer is often depicted as having been slightly isolated during filming and, by implication, self-centered. I'm sure that much of this is just harmful rumour - particularly after seeing this. Only a generous and self-humoured comedian would allow themselves to be so thoroughly degraded on screen!)

Perhaps the greatest praise for "Caught in the Act" isn't its solid structure, brilliant acting, or funny lines. It's that an episode that ends with Frasier in a nappy saying "waaah" is the kind of an image that the most puerile scriptwriter (someone far worse than we got even during the wilderness days of season 8) would come up with. Instead, it feels comically justified and downright fitting.

Rating: 100%


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