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High Holidays
Episode Details

Written by: Christopher Lloyd

Directed by: Sheldon Epps

Original US airdate: 9th December 2003

Original UK airdate: 31st March 2004

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Crane .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Frederick Crane .... Trevor Einhorn
Guest Cast
Waitress .... Amita Balla
Natalie .... Musetta Vander
Andi .... Marisa Guterman
Man In Cafe .... Grinell Morris
Waiter .... Joesph Keane
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

Frasier has been asked to star in a video for the Seattle Tourist Board, and is more than a little interested in Natalie who is arranging it. He meets her in Cafe Nervosa, but she also meets Martin and Eddie too, and seeing how cute Eddie is, decides that he should be in the video as well - much to Frasier's chagrin. However, the arrival of his son Frederick he hopes will cheer him up but when he sees he is now a goth, complete with new goth girlfriend Andi, and wants to spend all his time with her leaves Frasier a little shocked and somewhat downhearted. Niles sees Frederick's goth choice as a phase and typical of a teenage rebellion, prompting a discussion of what everyone did to rebel as a teenager, with Martin pointing out that Niles had never rebelled. This leads Niles to take some drastic action - he is going to get stoned on reefer! Frasier questions where he is going to get hold of some - answered when Roz delivers Niles some pot brownies made by her neighbour!

Unfortunately, Niles' car alarm goes off at that point, neither Frasier or Roz can stay so Roz gives the brownies to Martin who is just arriving in the Cafe. He tries to stop himself eating them as he is trying to cut down on junk food but can't help himself. Of course, he doesn't know they're laced with pot, but having eaten it, buys a normal one to make sure Niles doesn't know he has eaten the one destined for him. Niles, therefore, is none the wiser and eats his normal brownie still under the impression he will get high, while Frasier cannot believe his eyes when he finally sees the advert for the Seattle Tourist board - they have made Eddie the star with Frasier narrating what Eddie is saying. Undaunted, he leaves to go out on a date with Natalie after Niles arrives 'high' on his pot brownie. Martin arrives soon after, and Niles believes that the crazy way his father begins acting is just the pot kicking in. It takes a sober Frasier to point out that it's their father that is high, leaving Niles somewhat deflated until his brother points out that he did get their cop father high!

Episode Title Cards
  • High Holidays

Episode Highlights

- Frasier tries to say something nice about Eddie when Natalie wants to put him in the commercial:
Frasier: There are times when I could just...... squeeze him to death (!)

- Frasier's reaction to seeing Frederick as a goth, followed by:
Martin [aside to Frasier]: Maybe you could move up that trip to the garlic festival (!)

- After everyone has met Frederick's goth girlfriend:
Niles: Well, at least he's not dating outside the faith (!).

- Niles lets Frasier in on his plan to rebel:
Frasier: And exactly which of your connections in the Seattle demi-monde is going to get you this reefer?
[Roz comes up to Frasier and Niles' table]
Roz: OK Niles, you're hooked up.

- Frasier is shocked to see his commercial consists of him voicing a 'talking' Eddie:
Frasier: It's like some Frankenstein hybrid of me and that no-talent dog!

- Niles arrives at Frasier's apartment 'high' on his pot brownie:
Niles: I'll use this opportunity to up my dosage.
[Niles eats a small crumb of his brownie]

- Martin shares with Niles some of the big ideas he has come up with while high:
Martin: What do you think this means - dog army?

- Frasier is somewhat perturbed to see his father coming out of the kitchen with no trousers on:
Frasier: Dad, where are your pants?
Martin: In the fridge. I had a reason - [fishes out one of his Post-It note ideas] - fridge pants.

Frasier Online Episode Review

Another great 'Frasier' episode from the pen of Christopher Lloyd that sees Frasier's big tourism video hijacked by Eddie, Frederick arriving in Seattle sporting his new goth look and Niles finally rebelling by deciding to take some reefer. All of the stories are brilliant in their own little way, but it's the way they come together that lifts this episode above a run-of-the-mill one, in particular Martin seeing a talking Eddie (Frasier's tourism video) while high on pot. In fact, John Mahoney is hilarious in this episode - his 'fridge pants' line was brilliant - and shows why he is still an essential part of the 'Frasier' cast. So while this yet another top notch Season 11 episode, the only downside is that this probably the last time we will see Trevor Einhorn as Frederick - another sad reminder that we are drawing closer to that last ever episode.


86 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 97.1%
Total Number of Reviews: 22

Bedewed with pig sweat, May 29, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

The best episode of season 11 thus far (in fact, possibly the best episode since season 5, if you can believe it!), "High Holidays" plays off an admirably simple conceit, and puts its faith in the hands of the cast.

I can't add much to the chorus of praise here, except to say that John Mahoney and David Hyde Pierce are perfectly on-form in this episode. No other character on "Frasier" could believably convince themselves they were high for an entire evening. The brilliance doesn't just come from Pierce's acting or Lloyd's script, but from the fact that Niles - particularly as set up (with a slight ignorance of continuity re: mooning Richard Nixon) as never having rebelled - would so easily convince himself of the situation. Hyperventilating near the cops and then his manic glee at everything Martin does throughout the evening, just grand. (Niles' earnest apology at episode's end also allows the episode to acknowledge the potential seriousness of the situation without getting bogged down in sentimentality.) Meanwhile, Mahoney gets to let loose and proves his worth, if such proof was needed. It's simply a genius performance, finding all the little conceptual laughs that Lloyd inserted - "BBQ pudding chips", "dog army" - and wringing every ounce of hysteria from them. It's a very slight episode in some ways, but great fun for the actors. Rather than making this an epic plot in which the characters bring down other lives, this is simply an excuse for the boys to get high and hang out in the apartment. (And for Kelsey Grammer to put on his "smug chastising" voice, of course.)

Peri Gilpin is underused although a character with such rationality would be a burden to the plot in this case. And Jane Leeves sits most of the episode out (I'll be interested to see how well they fake Daph's pregnancy once Leeves no longer is with child). As a result, it's the perfect chance to bring in Freddie Crane for an encore (allowing Leeves to give the perfect, bemused line reading of "he's a goth now"). I really like their interactions, and the way things veer from serious to comic and back again. In some ways, I think the show dropped the ball by never bringing Freddie to Seattle for an extended arc. Seeing Frasier as a father always helps pull his character into focus. While this plot strikes me as something the series has dealt more deftly with in the past, I'm impressed by the earnest performances. (The only thing that gets me is the audience's laugh on seeing Freddie. He does look ridiculous, but the laughter seems to come more from a "we're old, and don't really understand youth culture!" point of view. Perhaps that's just my youth talking, damn whippersnapper that I am!) Beyond this (as if we can somehow fit it in!), "Frasier" manages to do a decent Eddie subplot, allowing us one of our last glimpses of the Frasier / Eddie rivalry - it's accidental of course, but Enzo's attitude sitting in front of the bathroom is spot-on - and the beautiful gag of Martin assuming Eddie is lecturing him. Really great fun for a series in its final days. Bumped up a few points because it introduced me to the awe-inspiring concept of "BBQ pudding chips"!

Rating: 95%


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