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Kissing Cousin
Episode Details

Written by: Eric Zicklin

Directed by: Scott Ellis

Original US airdate: 15th October 2002

Original UK airdate: 20th January 2003

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Crane .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Kenny Daly .... Tom McGowan
Guest Cast
Jen .... Zooey Deschanel
Guest Callers
Stu .... Bradley Whitford

Episode Synopsis

Roz's cynical and opinionated younger cousin, Jen, arrives in "lame" Seattle, and proceeds to antagonise Frasier by telling him that London was a parody of itself and Florence is over. Roz, on the other hand, was the most fun person in their home town and Jen is expecting their time together to be as fun as it was when Roz was 20 - meaning that she and Jen go to an all night disco on her first night in town. We also discover that Kenny still hasn't unpacked the boxes in his office, despite being in his job for 4 years - apparently, it's a superstition that as soon as he unpacks he gets fired from his job. Jen further antagonises Frasier by dissing the art museum he suggests Jen visits, and then buys him a bust of Freud because every theory of his has been disproved!

Roz finally palms Jen off on to Kenny, who tells her that her planned visit to Vietnam is a great idea and wishes he could go. Jen then manages to convince him that he should free himself from the shackles of his corporate job and do something adventurous. In fact, Kenny and Jen are so taken with each other they end up smooching with each other on Kenny's couch! However, his enthusiasm wanes somewhat when his planned trip to Vietnam for the both of them receives a knowckback when Jen tells him she travels alone because of a bad experience once but says he should still go on his own. Roz finally has to act her age when she is left exhausted from constant all night parties and tells Jen she can't go - she's old! She also lets a 47 year old caller who refuses to grow up have it as well, which prompts Kenny to finally unpack his boxes. Also, Frasier and Martin are finding it difficult to cope with keeping the apartment tidy now that Daphne is no longer there so they takes advantage of both Niles and Daphne's goodwill to get the place tidy.

Episode Title Cards
  • He's Also Seen Boston And Kansas

Episode Highlights

- Jen doesn't like Seattle, London or Florence:
Jen: That's why I'm going to Vietnam - Americans have never heard of it!

- Kenny explains that his not unpacking the boxes in his office is a healthy superstition:
Frasier: There's no such thing as a healthy superstition
Kenny: Oh yeah - what do you call washing yourr hands after you've been to the bathroom

- After Daphne starts tidying up Frasier's apartment:
Martin: You're not our slave anymore.

- Frasier introduces Jen to Niles:
Jen: Niles - whoa! Thanks Mum and Dad right?!

- Roz objects to Frasier saying she's old:
Roz: There's still a lot of candy left in this pinata!

- Niles can't believe Daphne is tidying up for Frasier and Martin:
Daphne: Don't forget - I've drawn baths for both of you.

- Martin is trying to get Niles to make dinner, so has a unique suggestion of how to cook seabass:
Martin: I'll just nuke it with some ketchup.

Frasier Online Episode Review

Although Zooey Deschanel plays Roz's rather cynical cousin quite well and there are a number of funny one-liners along the way, I found the Jen storyline to be quite dull overall - we'd seen the 'Bring in someone to rub Frasier up the wrong way' plot before as well as Roz being made to feel old, not to mention Jen's cynicism being aired at every available opportunity. Giving Kenny more screen time was definitely a good idea - we'd hadn't really seen his office before this episode - it's just a pity it was in this episode as his scenes with Jen didn't really work at all. Thankfully, the sub-plot about Frasier and Martin's inability to keep Frasier's apartment clean was great - I loved the fact that Martin managed to get the better of Niles, Daphne and even Frasier in the end to avoid doing any chores. It wasn't enough, though, to keep the episode as a whole being rather disappointing.


66 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 72.8%
Total Number of Reviews: 8

Mess of an episode, Jun 23, 2013

Reviewer: Luke Gray from Oxfordshire, UK

Mess of an episode. The problem is the episode never decides what it wants to do, is it about growing up, is it about taking chances, is it about getting out and experiencing the world? It flirts with all these themes and doesn't deliver any of them.

Kenny, imo, is the weakest and less developed recurring character in the show (not including Gertrude) and he's just not very interesting. For some reason we're supposed to believe a girl twenty years his junior, is going to find him attractive simply because he thinks she's cool?

It's ridiculously lazy writing and simply pointless. What did it add to the story? Why did it happen? In fact why did most of this episode happen?

The episode where Frasier contemplates dating the shop assistant in the clothes shop from Season 1 was a much better attempt to focus the show on age. This was a car crash and i'm purposely lowering my score on this episode because other people have given this a 100 and 95, making the average too respectable.

People may say 'it's their opinion', but i'd like to sit down these people and say was this really the most perfect episode of a tv show you could ever imagine? Because giving 100 to this suggests you laughed at every gag, and found every moment to be absolute perfection. Which i'm not sure any living creature could say.

Rating: 20%


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