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Analyzed Kiss
Episode Details

Written by: Saladin K. Patterson & Heide Perlman

Directed by: Katy Garretson

Original US airdate: 13th May 2003

Original UK airdate: 2nd June 2003

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Crane .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Gertrude Moon .... Millicent Martin
Julia Wilcox .... Felicity Huffman
Kenny Daly .... Tom McGowan
Guest Cast
Woody Wiswell .... David Alan Basche
Red .... Dennis Cockrum
Wayne .... Dan Gerrity
Mitch .... Keith Sellon-Wright
Guest Callers
Ernie .... Bill Paxton

Episode Synopsis

Julia is feeling depressed after she broke up with Avery because he couldn't break it off with his wife, which is then followed by Avery trying to deny her credit for a software program that they both worked on but she did most of the work for. She decides to go down to his office and take back her program, dragging Frasier along with her for moral support. Julia finds her program before deleting the contents of Avery's hard drive. The sound of someone at the door forces Frasier and Julia to hide in the closet, where Frasier tries to convince Julia to do the right thing. It turns out to be the cleaning woman but Frasier is surprised when Julia unxexpectedly kisses him before trashing Avery's office. Julia says she kissed him to shut him up, but Frasier believes there's more to it than that. Although she avoids Frasier for the next few days, she finally admits it was because he has so much character and would actually like to go on a date with Frasier.

Meanwhile, a rival station - KPXY - has headhunted Roz for the position of programme director, but believes that the Woody Wizwell who will be interviewing her was the person she slept with some years ago. However, it transpires that it was actually the interviewer's father that Roz slept with! Despite this, she still gets the job leaving Frasier with mixed feelings about seeing her go. Niles, on the other hand, is persuaded to join his father at a shooting range and surprises himself by being quite good at it, and also makes some new friends - some "regular guys" he enjoys hanging out with until he learns a disturbing secret about them.....

Episode Title Cards
  • The Bang Gang

Episode Highlights

- Frasier tries to reach out to Julia after she brekas up with Avery:
Julia: I'm not one of your code 3 wackadoos!
Frasier: Only trying to help - and there's no need to insult my listeners.
Roz: Foil helmet guy and his dog say they need to talk to you.

- Niles shooting a handgun for the first time

- Julia kisses Frasier while they are hiding in a cupboard:
Frasier: You kissed me.
Julia: I was trying to shut you up
Frasier: Oh no, I've been kissed to shut up before - this was not that!

- Roz has some apprehensions about her upcoming job interview:
Roz: Turns out the guy who's interviewing me is someone I've slept with.
Frasier: What are the odds (!)

- Frasier expresses disbelief when Niles says he is going to a gun show:
Frasier: A gun show? What next - square dancing ?!

- Daphne is appalled when Niles says he is thinking about getting a gun:
Niles: Don't worry, I would never have a gun in the same house as your mother!

Frasier Online Episode Review

This episode (the last one that Saladin K. Patterson helped to write before he left the show) develops the relationship between Frasier and Julia one step further, but I found the episode left me wanting. For starters, the script seemed strangely underdeveloped, as if it was one draft short of it's final version - leaving scenes to come and go without a punchline. I also found the burgeoning relationship between Frasier and Julia to be somewhat contrived - it's as if the writers are striving for the same kind of relationship that developed between Frasier and former KACL boss, Kate Costas, but while there is undeniable chemistry between Kelsey Grammer and Felicity Huffman I was never convinced by their coming together. Thankfully, there are some compensations in the rest of the episode from Niles' excursion into "real men" territory as he develops an interest in handguns (the little actions he performs as he shoots the gun is brilliant) and in how the storyline is wrapped up. I was also certainly pleased to see Peri Gilpin given a more meaty storyline that off late - it's just a pity that it could see her leave KACL altogether, and her interview where she believed she had slept with her interviewer some years ago was great fun. In all, this was - for me - a rather disappointing episode, despite the great title.


70 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 67.0%
Total Number of Reviews: 3

Foil Helmet guy says his dog needs to speak with you, May 26, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Analyzed Kiss" picks up the story where "Farewell Nervosa" left off, and it has that episode's same scattered quality. Like that episode, it feels like an array of individual bits that are supposed to form an episode, but instead form a slice of an arc. I have no objection to long-form storytelling, but this episode feels like the servant of two (three? four?) masters, and being pulled every which way doesn't help it one bit.

The subplots here are particularly forgettable, almost as if the writers conceived one interesting idea and then a clever punchline, but forgot to build the rest of the joke. Gertrude's absence bringing the customers flocking is a funny notion, but it's resolved in a tag where Millicent Martin appears (wordlessly) for the only time in the episode. Niles learning to shoot is treated not as an example of Niles and Martin bonding, or as a serious analysis of how two people with different views on gun culture can co-exist, but mostly an excuse for us to laugh at the idea of David Hyde Pierce firing a gun with a manic glint in his eye. Again, the final moment - Martin, Daphne and Niles fleeing some militia men - is worth a chuckle, but it doesn't feel like we had to strive much to get there. Still, I do enjoy this exchange:
Martin: "Niles, we think they wanna overthrow the government!"
Niles: "That's what you say about public television."

The title plot of the episode is a strange one, which I must attribute to the co-writer - Saladin K. Paterson - a man not beloved by "Frasier" fans, although he has written everything from episodes I highly admire ("Tales from the Crypt", "War of the Words") to my least favourite episode of the first ten seasons ("The Wizard and Roz"). While this episode doesn't exhibit one of his top-three flaws - characters not acting like themselves - his other two sure pop up a few times. His interest in standard sitcom lines (that is, jokes that fill like they came out of a Creative Writing workshop rather than being grounded in character) recurs, from Kenny's line about a monkey doing his job to the line quoted in my title. Most importantly, though, "Analyzed Kiss" takes about 18 minutes until we're actually analysing a kiss! Pitting Frasier and Julia against Avery is a smart way of developing their chemistry, although I still feel it's a shame that we didn't get to know Avery better. Casting John Hannah in the role seems like such a waste, although it does allow us to appreciate the character in spite of the actor's absence. Still, I'm not sure I buy the kiss - something in the scripting or direction is a little off, since I don't believe Julia's claim that she felt in the moment. All we really get is a couple of people whispering furiously to each other. Suddenly, they're going out by episode's end. There's not really an attempt for Frasier to psycho-analyse himself, or for this to be a story about him seeing himself as "saving" someone from a bad relationship, or about Julia falling for him in spite of herself. It's just a plot point the series needed for next week's season finale, and so the script had to get to it somehow. Overall, a waste of both character and actor.

Amidst all of this, Roz gets a serious subplot that again feels mostly like set-up but at least gets in a few decent jokes. I like how she's unable to grasp Julia's honest congratulations, and the latter's remark that Frasier's callers are simply "pathetic code-three whackadoos". Having Roz leave KACL is a pretty bold move, particularly since at the time I could imagine fans worrying that Peri Gilpin was actually being shown the door. Given how Roz's ambitions have become more prominent, it makes perfect sense that she would take on a new role. I can't help imagining that the show could have developed differently if Kenny had left in "Kissing Cousin" and been replaced by Roz, just to add a new dynamic. (Imagine Roz as the boss of Gil, Bulldog and Noel!) It all feels quite sudden how quickly she just leaves the building, which is a bit of a disappointment, but this will get picked up again next week. The Woody Wiswell scene is a great laugh, though, even if he's one of the most handsome men to have appeared on the show, so you'd think she'd remember more!

Much like the closing arc of season 8, "Analyzed Kiss" gives the feel of being far too many things at once, and none of them particularly satisfactory. My interest in all of the characters keeps this from being a hard slog, but it has the distinct feeling of being a mandatory chore for the writers rather than a joy, and that's a grave moment for any show.

Rating: 67%


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