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The Devil And Dr Phil
Episode Details

Written by: Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil

Directed by: Wil Shriner

Original US airdate: 29th April 2003

Original UK airdate: 19th May 2003

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Crane .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Bebe Glazer .... Harriet Sansom Harris
Gertrude Moon .... Millicent Martin
Guest Cast
Dr Phil McGraw .... Himself
Old Frasier .... Jack Axelrod
Old Daphne .... Jean Sincere
Old Niles .... John O'Leary
Mildred .... Lillian Adams
Supervisor .... Steve Susskind
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

Frasier learns that his old friend Dr Phil McGraw, now a highly successful daytime talk show host, is in town and Roz manages to persuade Frasier to take her to meet him despite Frasier still being angry over $200 Dr Phil supposedly swindled out of Frasier many years ago. The pair of them meet up after one of his shows, where Frasier also learns that his former agent Bebe Glazer has been Dr Phil's agent for the past year. This begins to leave Frasier feeling slightly envious of the success of his friend and starts to wonder whether his career would benefit from being under Bebe's control. She agrees to meet with Frasier, where it becomes apparent that not only does she want him back, Bebe wants to seduce Frasier too! He runs out of her hotel room in a panic, but Bebe joins Frasier later at Cafe Nervosa and tells him that she wants to leave Dr Phil for him - to which Frasier agrees and increases her fee to 15%. What Frasier was not party to was that Dr Phil was just part of Bebe's scheme to get Frasier back, and he had gone along with it so that Bebe wouldn't tell his wife that he had been gambling. Meanwhile, Martin is put on the night-shift for refusing to date his bosses' sister, while Niles and Daphne become obsessed about an older couple they like to think are the older versions of themselves.

Episode Title Cards
  • If At Faust You Don't Succeed ...

Episode Highlights

- Martin complains that his daily routine has been ruined by working the night shift:
Martin: I'm eating bacon and eggs at night and drinking beer in the morning.
Frasier: That's what you always do.
Martin: Yeah, but now I'm tired all the time!

- Daphne wants to know why Martin is so desperate no to date his bosses' sister:
Martin: Well, let's put it this way - years of chewing tobacco have discoloured her tooth!

- Dr Phil mentions that he has had a new agent for a year now:
Dr Phil: Speak of the devil - her she comes.
[Bebe Glazer joins Dr Phil !!]

- An out-of-it Martin starts shying away from the sun:
Frasier: You don't like the sun ?!
Martin: Us night shift guys call it "the scary ball"!

- Frasier tells Niles that Bebe wants to sleep with him:
Niles: I think I've figured it out - Bebe wants to have sex with a human male to bring about the apocalypse!

- Frasier seeing Bebe's hotel room is number 666

- Martin's collection of night shift exploits

Frasier Online Episode Review

Harriet Sansom Harris makes yet another appearance in the series and tries to win Frasier back into her clutches by dangling his old friend Dr Phil's success in front of him, and while she was as good as ever, I found her storyline not quite as well written as some of her previous ones - it seemed a long build-up to the excellent scene in Bebe's hotel room where she appears out of red smoke beckoning Frasier over to her side, causing him to rush out and discovering her room is number 666! Dr Phil - not widely known in Britain - shows why he should stick to being a talk show host, while Daphne and Niles sub plot was harmless fun with a funny punchline at the end. Martin manages to steal the episode from all of them with his terrific sub-plot about having to do the night-shift and features a hilarious collection of his night-time exploits at work which culminates in Martin starting a fire and putting his tie in the paper shredder. All in all, this isn't the best Bebe Glazer episode but it is still a funny and amusing one, and keeps up the rather good standards for episodes in this season.


77 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 68.7%
Total Number of Reviews: 6

Faust was a moron! I'm gonna be a star!, May 26, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Season ten was the first year the show slipped out of the Top 20 in the Nielsen ratings, so it could be easily argued that bringing a daytime personality like Dr. Phil McGraw onboard was a blatant ratings grab. While that can't be denied, it must be said that networks sometimes foist these on to the writers, who have little say in the matter. And I think that, while some of the early parts of the episode feel gimmicky (notably Frasier's insistence that he is owed $200), the series ultimately finds a way to use this to its advantage. Roz's obsession with Dr. Phil is actually quite amusing as played by Peri Gilpin. McGraw is no actor, true, but - like John Glenn before him - he's used to the camera, so we're spared any kind of "real life person" awkwardness that could have occurred. The ultimate reveal that Dr. Phil is a co-conspirator with Bebe is actually very funny, and nice that McGraw was happy to play along. ("Just deal the cards.)

All in all, this is an average Bebe episode, largely because it seems to be playing on everything we already know about the character without adding anything new. It feels a bit like the series is stalling for time, and ultimately it is the narrative arc of the episode - Frasier being seduced into hiring Bebe back, and her quickly cancelling the Spokane deal that happened in season 9 - dominates over a comic plot. Still, the writers clearly remember how to write Harried Sansom Harris: "ambition? The world is candy to me!" It's not the most forceful of Bebe's appearances by any stretch but it's good fun. Bebe has always been a Mephistopheles, so it seems fair that her last regular appearance should play so openly with the Faustian myth that has always existed in her character. (Niles: "Bebe wants to have sex with a human male to bring about the apocalypse.") The hotel room scene is highly silly, but the presence of little elements like the madrigals still make me laugh every time. It's carried by the actors, and the barely restrained hamminess of Grammer and Harris, but by now, if you're not a fan of the Frasier/Bebe dynamic, you never will be!

The subplots are rather forgettable, stranding the remaining characters in what feel like one-scene jokes. The idea of the old book of one-liners could perhaps have been a running gag but instead we're treated to a variety of little "up all night" gags about Martin, ending in a vaguely amusing physical comedy sequence for John Mahoney. The Old Daphne/Old Niles plot is perhaps the most predictable, and disappointing since it isn't grounded in any depth for the characters, but the reveal of Old Frasier is quite funny. "The Devil and Dr Phil" is a rather workmanlike script at the end of the day. It's an episode that has its moments, but it's not exactly vintage "Frasier".

Rating: 72%


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