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Lilith Needs A Favor
Episode Details

Written by: Lori Kirkland

Directed by: Sheldon Epps

Original US airdate: 4th February 2003

Original UK airdate: 24th March 2003

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Crane .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Dr Lilith Sternin .... Bebe Neuwirth
Gertrude Moon .... Millicent Martin
Alice Doyle .... Ashley Thomas
Guest Cast
Albert .... Brent Spiner
Barista .... James Oliver
Guy In Waiting Room .... Kevin Chamberlin
Flight Attendant .... Laurel Green
Waiter .... David Boyd
Nurse .... France Callier
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

Lilith is flying into Seattle to ask Frasier a big favour, but hasn't told Frasier much about it. When she arrives at his apartment, Lilith tells Frasier that she has finally realised what has been missing from her life - she wants a sibling for Frederick and wants to have it with Frasier! He, naturally, is a little taken aback and wants to know whether they would have to have sex - Lilith says no, she wants to freeze some his sperm after he has 'donated' some at a fertility clinic. Lilith leaves Frasier to ponder over his decision for the night, but the next day Frasier admits to Niles that he is on the verge of agreeing to her request. However, at dinner later that night, Frasier tells Lilith his decision is no upon hearing which she uses some emotional manipulation which Frasier can see right through but it eventually works and Frasier agrees to Lilith's request for some sperm.

Down at the fertlility clinic, Lilith and Frasier get into an argument as she keeps telling him things to do while he is trying to produce his 'donation' which causes Frasier to think about the real reasons why they are doing this. Frasier wonders if they are trying to recreate the past, which leads to him telling Lilith he has changed his mind. Lilith is downhearted but the man she ends up sitting next to on the plane back to Seattle may just be the answer to her problems..... Meanwhile, Daphne, Roz, Alice and Mrs Moon head off to a Canadian amusement park, while Niles is intrigued by a blurry photo he believes is an illicit photo of Daphne and is shocked when he learns the truth.

Episode Title Cards
  • Some Magazines, A Specimen Cup and A Recording of "Tristan Und Isolde"

Episode Highlights

- Martin has to make up an excuse to leave the room when Lilith arrives:
Martin: Time to go .... practice my signature!

- Lilith tells Frasier she has realised what will make her truly happy:
Frasier: How can I help?
Lilith: You can give me your sperm.

- Frasier wants to know how they will make a new baby:
Frasier: Would we sleep together?
Lilith: I thought we would freeze your sperm.
Frasier: Is that a yes or no (?!)

- Frasier worries about Mrs Moon after Niles says that she, Daphne, Roz and Alice are heading to a Canadian amusement park:
Frasier: Sometimes people with a temporary visa have a hard time getting back into the country.
Niles: That hadn't occurred to me Frasier (!)

- Frasier is about to give his 'donation' in the fertility clinic:
Lilith: Try to think positive thoughts
Frasier: Thanks for that - I was going to think about the plight of the American Indians (!)

- Niles reaction to finding out his illicit photo is of his father's nipple.

Frasier Online Episode Review

It is always a pleasure to see Bebe Neuwirth, especially as this is her second appearance this season, but I thought this was one of the weaker Lilith episodes. The premise of Frasier and Lilith having another baby was promising but the script did not really make it anymore than amusing, with the scene in the fertiltiy clinic the funniest in the episode. However, this episode features not one but two subplots which in a 21 minute episode only serve to give the impression that the main plot wasn't strong enough to sustain an episode on it's own. Of these 2 subplots, Daphne et al's trip to a theme park was fun as was Niles' photo but neither added up to very much. This leaves us with an amusing episode but a rather disappointing Lilith oriented one.


73 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 77.2%
Total Number of Reviews: 4

If there is ONE thing I can do by myself, May 25, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Two Lilith episodes in one season? We're a bit spoiled, although "Lilith Needs a Favor" is one of the least of those. Ultimately, I admire the aims of the main plot. By now the series trusts Kelsey Grammer and Bebe Neuwirth enough to simply function as a double act, and the shifting power in their relationship is expertly portrayed. Lilith's surprisingly manipulative actions at dinner lead into some genuine pleading. It's a fascinating thing about being in a relationship (former or current) and the ways in which two people only have their words to try and convince the other. Frankly, I'm surprised that Frasier gives in, but perhaps his years-old bond with her is stronger than I realised. While I do enjoy Martin's musings on being the "fountainhead" of the Crane genes, Lilith's "honeyed words", and the presence of Brent Spiner as a potential future partner for her, things ultimately seem a tad pointless. At this juncture, the writers were fairly assured they were getting one (if not two) more season so would surely have assumed this wasn't the last of Lilith. Interesting to bring up this idea of a plotline without further exploring it. There's some very funny business with Lilith imposing on Frasier's "private time", though. How many comic pairings can legitimately harangue each other while one prepares to give sperm? In a way, I appreciate what the series is trying to do though. Each character is important, whether they appear in 264 episodes or just 1. Lilith's last few appearances have been primarily as a plot functionary, and it's nice to see Neuwirth and her character take centre stage. The fact that she hasn't found what's missing in her life is upsetting, and Lilith's face on the return plane ride suggests that she hasn't even found the modicum of peace that Frasier has despite his similar lack of success in relationships. However, I ultimately concede that - like its title - the episode feels like it's still languishing in draft format. There's a good idea there, but it's not ripe yet.

The subplots are rather meaningless although I appreciate that the series has remembered the Alice/Gertrude rivalry they seeded in "The Ring Cycle". As a Mrs. Moon fan, I can admit this is her most annoying episode to date, but that's all in the service here of annoying Roz and Daphne to the point of collapse, so it makes sense. The ramifications of the nipple reveal, meanwhile, are pretty disturbing if you think about what Niles has been doing with that picture. But perhaps it's worth it for the look of sheer horror on Niles' face! Ultimately, a work-in-progress that takes some good core character concepts, and doesn't quite follow through.

Rating: 72%


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